Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Facebook Page!

Hey, everybody!  I have been working on updating and tweaking the blog a little, so to go along with that, I have created a new Facebook page.  It is a business style page, but I thought it would be easier to find via search than the old page.  All you have to do it search "Loving the Reflection", and it should pop up for you to click on.  I plan on using the page to post little updates and things that aren't necessarily blog-worthy. 

I also have an Instagram account, if anyone would like to follow it.  You can either search "lovingthereflection" or click here.

I don't have a Twitter account.  I've tried a couple times, and just cannot really get into it.  Sorry.  

I would be thrilled for some new friends on FB and Instagram!  Hope to hear from you guys soon.  : ) 

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