Monday, July 16, 2012

Video Post - Birchbox and Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain

Here's a link to Birchbox for anyone who is interested.  
Full Disclosure: I do get points for anyone who actually signs up for the service.  The points can be used to purchase full size products.

The Color Club nail polish was a bust for me.  I wore it a day and a half and it was chipping like crazy, even with a base and top coat.  So try at your own risk.

Hubs said the Lara Bar in Bananas Foster was delicious! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Nail Polish Rack

I'm the kind of person who forgets what I have unless I can see it.  I have almost all of my necklaces hanging on my wall, and my bracelets hanging on a little tree from Ikea.  If I can see them all at once, I am better about actually wearing all of them instead of sticking with just a few pieces over and over.  So with that in mind, I've been thinking about purchasing a nail polish rack from Amazon for quite some time.  Prior to this project my nail polish was scattered about it little bins and the drawer in my nightstand.  My research led me to find that the cheapest rack was around $30, which seemed a little steep for some clear plastic. 
Luck would have it that I was cruising Pinterest one day (Ok, like every day.), and happened to see this tutorial on how to DIY a nail polish rack.  Insert squeal here! 

I tried to take photos throughout the 
process, but I wasn't terribly successful.  I got caught up in watching the thing come together, and forgot to take them at certain steps.  Hmmmm. . . a little ADHD, anyone?

The entire project basically requires: 
3 foam boards (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 each)
An exacto knife or boxcutter type blade
A hot glue gun
Colored/Patterned Duct tape to your liking (this is totally optional)
I also used some Gorrila Glue to reinforce the shelves. 

The first step is to draw lines on one piece of the foam board (your backing) that will be guides to place your shelves. 
Yeah, not the best photo.  Again, sorry about that. 

Next, you want to cut out (of your second and third pieces of foam board) your strips that will become your shelves and sides of the rack.
 (Please check the tutorial linked above for measurements.)
Then, you can begin to wrap the front part of the shelves in duct tape. 
This is the pattern I chose. 

Next you begin the really fun stuff. .  . Gluing! 
 One shelf down. . . (I was totally watching Law & Order: SVU on Netflix while I was working on this.)
Almost there! 

And this is where I really got lazy/forgetful about taking photos.  It's not too exciting from this point on, anyway.  You basically glue the sides and top and bottom on, then add the front part of the shelves with the duct tape.  
The finished product before being hung. 
And the completed product stocked with polish. 

Up close view of my excess glue mess and my dog-chewed polish cap. 

I used this stuff:
to reinforce each shelf at the bottom, and I recommend using it very sparingly.  I went a little crazy with it, and I got some blobs that seeped out from the seal (which you can't see when the rack is hanging because the little lip covers it), but I just want to give a warning.  Also, don't get this on your skin or clothes. 
Yes, I managed to do both and it stayed on me for at least two days even after showering. I still don't know if my dress will ever be the same. . . 

Have you tried a DIY project lately?  How did it turn out?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Busy Day!

Today my baby sister and I went to a sale at MJR, which is a clearinghouse type store for the Limited, Victoria's Secret, Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, and quite a few more brands.  I just went to the actual warehouse store, which is near Columbus, a few weekends ago with my mom and sister.  This sale was actually like a pop-up sale that they brought to my hometown.  I couldn't resist checking it out.  

I actually ran into a blog friend there, and was so surprised to be recognized that I didn't even get her name.  (I'm so sorry!  It was totally rude of me!  I did love getting to meet you though.  Maybe we'll see each other again when the sale comes back in November. )

Afterwards, my sister and I went next door to the giant thrift store to check it out.  
Check out this fringed leather vest thing she found.  Try as I might, I could not convince her that she needed  to take it home. 

This evening, Jimmy and I went to the driving range to hit a few balls.  I totally suck, and became a spectator after about 15 balls.

Then we headed to one of my favorite places for dinner. . . 
This place has been here forever and has the best chicken and the softest, most yummy bread ever.  I have to get a loaf to take home every single time we go. 
Yeah, not the best photo, but it's the only one we took.  Sorry 'bout that. 

Navy striped boatneck tee - Old Navy (similar)
Olive ruffle sleeve vest - Lane Bryant 
Denim skirt - Lane Bryant (similar)
Flip flops - Good ole Sanuk via Amazon
Bag - Coach (similar)
Necklace - I really don't remember. . . (similar, if pricey)
Watch - Lane Bryant via MJR Sales (similar)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Plus Size Outfit - Birthday Party!

Saturday was my nephew Alex's fifth birthday party.  

 How cute is this kid?!  
The party was at my sis-in-law's house, so I didn't wear anything special, but I did get to wear my new almost-neon top.  I call it almost-neon, because it's a bright coral color and probably as close to the neon trend (besides on my nails) that I'm going to get.  I was around for that trend the first time, ya'll. 
 Anybody else remember wearing neon Umbro soccer shorts with slouch socks?  

Coral layered tank - Avenue (here)
Sand colored cropped jacket - Lane Bryant (I think this is the same jacket, just in pink)
Jeans - Lane Bryant via MJR Sales
Flip flops - Sanuk via Amazon (here)
Earrings- Jessica Simpson brand via 6pm (similar)
Bag & Scarf- Coach 

I am not the kind of girl who changes her purse with each outfit.  I tend to buy a new bag twice a year, and will spend a little more money on them since I carry them for a while.  I occasionally will break out a cute clutch or a dressier bag for certain situations, but I just don't like the hassle of moving over all my junk constantly.  I carry a lot of crap in my purse, guys.  I'm the one to come to for dental floss or safety pins. 

I also want to apologize for my shoes lately.  These are one of the only pairs that fit since my foot is still a little swollen from my break.  I wore a pair of dress shoes to a memorial service two weekends ago and the left fit perfectly, while the right rubbed a blister into the side of my foot.  I have wide feet already, so I'm hoping that the swelling will continue to go down as time passes.  

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  The weather was super warm here, how about in your neck of the woods?  Did you do anything special? 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Plus Size Daily Outfit - Anniversary Edition

We didn't really do anything exciting for our anniversary this year.  We did spend an evening in Cincy a few weeks ago, so we kept it pretty laid back tonight.  We just went out to dinner and got some ice cream, then watched some tv when we got home.  We're exciting people, what can I say?  

Outfit Details
Dress - Thrifted last year and never worn.  I thought it was too form-fitting at the time, but I'm starting to realize that more fitted clothing is actually more flattering. (similar here)
Lime Green Flats - I think I got these at Meijer ages ago.  I had a pink pair, but had to get rid of them.  These would not typically be my first choice for this outfit, but due to my ankle injury, I have to play it safe when it comes to heels. (similar here)
Necklace - Vintage from my great-grandma.  Isn't it fantastic?! (similar here)
Earrings - Lane Bryant (similar here)
Bracelet - I don't remember where this came from! (similar here)
Ring - Purchased at an "Art in the Park" festival a few summers ago. (similar here)

 This is Jimmy saying "Just take the picture already!"

Trixie-girl just went to the groomers yesterday, and looks so pretty!

Does anybody have any plans for the weekend? 
 I've got to work Saturday 7am-7:30pm, so my Sunday will probably be spend chilling at home before I head back for two more day shifts on Monday and Tuesday. I've never worked a full day shift at the hospital before (I've stayed a few hours late to work the beginning of the shift, and come in early to work the last few hours of the shift.), so I'm a little nervous.  It's much more hectic with people going off the floor for procedures and treatments, and having to check blood sugars and covering insulin 3 or more times for meals, versus 1-2 times on night shift. I know all the people who work days are great, and I'm sure I can ask them for help if I get completely in a bind, but it's just something that I'm not used to.  Wish me luck!
I'll report back and let you guys know how it goes.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wedding Anniversary!

Today is my fourth wedding anniversary.  I almost can't believe it.  On one hand it feels like we've been married forever (I mean that in a good way, not in a separate bedrooms kinda way), one the other hand, it feels like our wedding was not that long ago.  I guess that's common though.  Time flies when you're having fun! 

On to some gratuitous wedding photos. . . .
My bouquet in the front, and the bridesmaids bouquets following.  Our colors were red, orange, and pink. 

This is one of my favorites. 

It was so freaking hot back in the room we were getting ready in.  I was sitting in front of the window air conditioner with my dress up trying to cool off. 

Our cake table and buffet in the background. 

On our way out to take some photos. 

Our awesome wedding party!  From L-R in the top row Stephanie, maid of honor; Kelsey, my sister; me & Jimmy; Amanda, my sis-in-law; John, Amanda's husband; kneeling in front are Paul, Jimmy's friend; and Jon, Jimmy's best man. 

We did have some interesting things happen at our reception.  One of our groomsmen, John, had been ill for about a day prior to the wedding, and we weren't aware of it.  He was trying to tough it out, but became dehydrated right before the reception (we were actually getting ready to make our way into the reception) and collapsed in the parking lot.  We had to call an ambulance, and he and my sis-in-law were carted off to the ER.  Luckily, he started feeling better once he got some IV fluids, but he and Amanda had to miss the entire reception.  
The second memorable thing, was that one of our guests tore something in her knee while dancing up a storm, and two of our other guests (one of my good friend's father and husband) had to literally carry her outside on a chair so she could get into the car to get checked out.  She ended up having to have knee surgery.  

Despite all of the business we sent the way of the local hospital, we had a fantastic wedding and a blast at our reception.  I wish I had more photos of the reception, but they are all on a disc somewhere, and I can't seem to remember where I put it. . . . 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Want It Wednesday!

Since I broke my ankle and had to be off work for five weeks, money has been a little tighter than usual in our house.  Luckily I have been back to work for the past few weeks, but medical bills have also been coming in, so we seem to be running about even financially.
Of course, this has put a damper on my shopping budget, so I've been doing a lot of window shopping online.  I've found a bunch of items I'd love to have, if I had the moolah to blow.  Maybe some of these items will strike your fancy and I can live vicariously through you guys! 

I think this blouse is so flirty and sweet, but also a little sexy.  And the color is so perfect! 

I am all about the color blocking trend that seems to be sticking around, and the soft shades in this dress make it easy to dress up or down. 

This tank has so many great colors, has a hi-low hem, and I think it would look great with colored denim and a white blazer! 

This bag is beautiful.  Unfortunately, even if I had $1,200 I would have a hard time justifying spending that much on a bag.  But a girl can dream. . . sigh.

These cute little sandals would perfect with ankle length pants, capris, or a casual skirt.  I can see these looking so cute with a bright pedicure! 

What items have you been lusting after lately?  Any items you've been stalking online waiting for them to go on sale?  Tell me in the comments! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Gel Manicure

For the past six months or so, I have been doing my own gel manicures at home.  When Shellac and Gellish (and all the other versions) came out, I went to the salon and had it done a few times.  I loved how they looked and how long it lasted, but it was pricey.  I think it cost me about $40 each time I had it done!  I decided to see if I could get the supplies to do it at home.  After doing some YouTube research and using my google-fu skills, I found everything I needed on Amazon.  

I purchased a UV light (this one) from Amazon for less than $40, and the basecoat, topcoat, and a polish color for around $13 a piece (here's a kit).  There is also a brand called "Red Carpet Manicure" that is sold at Ulta, and I've started using their products, as they're a little cheaper and seem to work just as well.  

So the basics of doing your at-home gel manicure are: 

Step One: Remove all traces of polish from nails.

Step Two:  Apply one thin layer of your base coat (Red Carpet calls their's "Structure"), and cure under the UV light for the recommended time your brand calls for. 
*Note* There will be a sticky film left after you cure the polish.  This is intended.  DO NOT try to wipe away the film yet.  We'll get to that part at the end. 

Step Three:  Apply a thin coat of your color of choice and cure under the light.  
Step Four: Repeat a layer of color and cure under the light again (notice the trend?).

Step Five: Apply a thin layer of your top coat (Red Carpet's is called "Brilliance"), and cure under the light.

Step Six: Apply alcohol to a cotton pad and use this to remove the sticky film from the nails.  

Step Seven: Voila!  Sit back and admire your at-home gel manicure!

I also forgot to add that I usually apply some SPF 15 to my hands about 10 minutes prior to beginning the manicure.  The light is a UV lamp, and there is exposure to UV rays while using it, so I take the extra precaution.  

Have you had a gel manicure?  Did you love it, or were you less than impressed?  Any tips and tricks you'd like to share for doing your own gel manicures at home?  

*Note:  I am not being paid for this posting, nor am I in any way affiliated with Red Carpet Manicure.  I just happen to enjoy their products and wanted to get the word out, so others can try them too! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!  I hope you all had a wonderful, happy day filled with family and friends.  
We ended up getting to see both our moms Sunday, so it was a good day! 
Here's what I wore: 

Outfit Details:
Jeans - Lane Bryant Ultimate Slim Cut (found at an outlet store, apparently not available anymore)
Striped Tank - Catherines 
Orange Poncho/Cape - Fashion Bug (similar style)
White Flip Flops - Sanuk brand via Amazon (these are the most comfy things!)
Medallion Necklace - Forever 21
Earrings - Avenue
Bracelet - Avenue 

How was your weekend?  Did you celebrate Mother's Day?  Give or get anything awesome?  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Plus Size Outfit of the Day - The Maxi

This is an outfit I wore a few months ago when it was still chilly outside.  I bought this long sleeved charcoal maxi this winter and it is the most comfortable thing ever!  
I just threw on some accessories and my old standby denim jacket and, voila!  I had an outfit!  
Outfit Details: 
Charcoal Gray Maxi Dress - Old Navy
Leopard Belt - Old Navy
Leopard Print Flats - Old Navy (similar)
Denim Jacket - Avenue
Heart Pendant - Forever 21

I'm really excited to start posting some OOTD's again.  I didn't even realize how much I missed it until I started looking back through some of my past blog posts.

So what is your go-to outfit? What is the one piece that you can throw on and feel comfy and cute in?