Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daily Outfit - scrubtacular!

So as a nursing student I have to wear a uniform. An ugly @ss uniform, I must say. One of these days I'll post a picture of it. Luckily in my L&D rotation I get to wear hospital issued scrubs in the same color as the nurses, so I don't get the strange sideways glances from patients families who seem to think if you're a student you are completely inept. Look, I only have one more quarter to pass, people, and then I'm a freaking nurse. I know what I'm doing! Anyway. . . The hospital scrubs are so super comfortable, and I won't be surprised if a pair of scrub pants mysteriously ends up at my house after this rotation. ; ) So here's a lovely bathroom picture of me in all my nursey gloriousness!

Daily Outfit

Today I went down to school for a last minute cram session and an exam. I passed my exam (yippee!), and thought I looked pretty cute. I got a few compliments from strangers (two women at school and a lady at the gas station told me they liked my outfit), and that's always a good sign!

Outfit Details
Beaded tank: Old Navy
Purple Dress: Old Navy via a Fatshionista sales post
Orange sandals: Avenue
Necklace: Avenue about two years ago
Plants on the cooler: I need to get them in soil this weekend!

I usually won't do sleeves this short, because I have arm issues, but today I somehow found the conficence to go for it.
Is there a style or item of clothing that you don't feel comfortable wearing? I don't do shorts either!

Beauty Is Not How Skinny You Can Be!

Thanks to Stephanie at Buttons, Bows, and Brouges for posting this video. I think this is the message we need to be teaching all our children!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Goals for the Summer!

So being a student in a program where classes are not offered during the summer (besides two inservices lasting an entire day), I have big plans for my time off. There are some things I want to do around the house, some sewing/quilting projects I want to finish up, and some things I want to do just for fun! So I am starting a list so that I can check things off once I finish them. I am a total list person, BTW. I make lists for everything. It's a little anal-retentive, but it works for me. Ha!

Things I Will Accomplish This Summer (!)

1. Work on stenciling and putting up curtains for my closet. My closet doors were always coming off their tracks and aggravating me, so I decided to just get rid of them and hang curtains instead. I bought these chocolate brown curtains at Ikea and I am going to stencil them to match the flowers on the opposite wall in my bedroom. I will take pictures when I am finished!

2. Work on my office/study room. Even thought I don't have too much longer in school (Hallelujah!) I want to have someplace quiet to go to work on whatever it is I want to work on. I have a nice big desk, and a fugly (but soooo comfortable) couch back there now. It needs a lot of help to make it more "me".

3. Finish the quilts I've started! And work on some new ones. Here are some photos of my most recent ones:
This first one is unfinished and it's one that I want to give my friend Natalie as a gift. All I need to do is add borders and quilt it, and it's driving me crazy that I haven't finished it!

You can see my mom-in-law's dog peeking over the couch in this one. She's a sweetie.

4. Take the puppy on a walk EVERY DAY. I let myself get out of the habit because school was becoming very demanding, and I feel like a bad mommy for it.

5. Clean out my closet and sell/donate some stuff. I have so many clothes right now that I don't even remember what I've got.

So that's what I've got so far. I'm sure I will add things along the way, but that seems like enough to start out with.

Do you fine folks have any plans for the summer? Do you have any projects that you are going to start since the weather is warming up?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Temptations

So I did end up buying a few things this week (remember those chinos and sequined Converse?), but of course there are always new things that catch my eye that I thought I could share with you all.

#1. Tropical Beauty Maxi Dress from Igigi

Do I even need to explain why I love this dress? The gorgeous colors, the flowy skirt, the way it reminds me of a Hawaii vacation. . .

#2. Asos Curve Contrast Tipped Cardigan
This is a classic. I can see myself wearing this with jeans, chinos, skirts, you name it!

#3. Rayban Wayfarers

Unfortunately, I can't spend over $100 on sunglasses right now, but I did find these decent mock wayfarers at Forever 21.

#4. Stuart Weitzman Chainalto Platforms

How badass are these shoes?!

#5. Sparrow Rose Garden Necklace from Etsy seller BabyLovesPink .

I am all about the romance, and I really like the twist the bright colors give this girlie piece.

What recent purchases have you made? Or is there a piece that is making you drool? Tell me about it in the comments!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Daily Outfit

So Mondays have been pretty easy for me the past few weeks. I don't have any clinicals, just a two hour lecture from 3-5pm. So today I finished up a care plan, did some stuff around the house, and got ready to head to class. I had my bag over my shoulder and was walking out the door when I realized my keys weren't on the holder by the door. Hmmmm. . . so after an hour of searching my house high and low, I gave up. And I still haven't found my freakin' keys. Grrrrr. So this is a close recreation of what I was going to wear to go to class this afternoon:

New CBS show: Mike and Molly

My husband sent me the link to this the other day, and I thought I would share it with you fine people.

I think it looks pretty cute, and I have to say that I love Melissa McCarthy. I never watched Gilmore Girls, because the banter annoyed me greatly, but I did really enjoy the few scenes I saw with Sookie. I hope it turns out to be good, and not all fat jokes and prat falls.

Daily Outfit

Here's what I wore to go watch the last episode of LOST at my in-laws last night. I knew I would be tired and wanted to be extra comfy, so I just threw on a long skirt from Old Navy and a tee.

Outfit Details
Grey slub skirt: Old Navy (this is actually a size XXL, that's how stretchy these skirts are!)
Berry colored tee: Old Navy
Blue 3/4 sleeve cardigan: Old Navy via a Fatshionista sales post
Sandals: Avenue
Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: I've had these peace signs since I was about 12!

So who else watched the last episode last night? What did you think? Was it what you expected?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Daily Outfit

Today J (my husband) and I went to the garden center to pick up some plants for our salsa garden and to a local farm to get some produce and an awesome angel food cake. Yum!

Outfit Details
Striped Top: Old Navy
Sweater Shrug: Avenue
Jeans: Avenue
White Sandals: Avenue
Lucite Necklace: New York & Co.
Orange Purse: Marshalls

I love going out to this farm in the Spring/Summer. Around the Fourth of July they bring corn in from the fields by the truckload and it's the sweetest, tastiest corn I've ever eaten.
Today was a good day!

What do you look forward to doing the most when the weather starts to get warm?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daily Outfit

Today I went to school to study and take the first exam for my labor and delivery rotation. I passed! We have a different grading scale (basically you have to have an 80% to pass) so I'm pretty ok with my grade.

I saw a great post from Lovin' Linda
Looking at the photo, I don’t love the cardigan with it. I think next time I need to pair it with a shorter jacket or cardi. I sort of lose my shape in this cardigan. Eh, live and learn!

Outfit Details

White top: Purchased at Meijer sometime last summer

Green Cardigan: JG Hook brand purchased on eBay

Jeans: Avenue

Shoes: CL by Chinese Laundry

Sweater clip: eBay

Watch: Avenue

Crazy dog: 6 month old Schnoodle

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Makeup Roundup

So I love makeup, and I love to try out new products (much to my husband's dismay). Basically I am an advertisers dream. I have a bad habit of rushing out and buying a new product, using it once, not liking it, and sticking in a drawer in my vanity never to see the light of day again (or until my baby sis comes scrounging around and takes it). There are some products that I really like and tend to stick with though. Here are a few of my tried and true favs:

I really like Bare Escentuals foundations for the warmer months. It doesn't provide as much coverage for me as a liquid foundation, but it feels so much lighter when it's hot and humid outside.

Ok, so I have a few favorites in this category because they are all good at covering different imperfections.
I like Benefit Erase Paste for my dark undereye circles. It really seems to cover well, and stays put throughout the day as long as I apply a little powder over it.
I also like Benefit Boi-ing for covering my red, splotchy places. I have a horribly uneven skin tone, and this really helps correct those red patches and even things out.

Highlighter & Bronzer:
Ok, so I guess I'm a Benefit junkie. "That Gal" is a great highlighter. It's a pretty pink shimmer (not glitter!) that is wonderful for emphasizing cheekbones, especially when mother nature and genetics didn't give you great one's to begin with.
I just picked this up at Walgreens a few weeks ago, when the bronzer I was using fell off my vanity and cracked into teeny-tiny pieces. Oops! I am very pleased with this product so far. It looks very natural on my fairish, freckled skin without the slightest hint of orangy-ness.


This Stila eyeshadow/liner kit from Sephora is fabulous! It's a muted look, but for everyday outings, it works fabulously. The liner is the blackest, black I have ever used, which is perfect for an evening smoky eye.

Tarte eyeshadows are super pigmented and so finely milled, they just glide on. I have a slate blue color that I have been using recently as a liner, and it is so intense that it looks like I used a pencil to line my eyes. Love!


Elizabeth Arden Double Density mascara is the first mascara I think I've ever purchased twice consecutively. I think I've tried about every mascara out there from Cover Girl to Dior, and this is my holy grail. I have thin, blonde eyelashes and they need a lot of help. This mascara lengthens and adds fullness without ever clumping or flaking.

Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick. This does exactly what it says it does. Lasts without drying lips, and comes in beautiful colors. My favorite is "Rock Violet".

So what are your favorite products? Any tips or tricks for me when it comes to makup? I'm all ears!

Two posts in one day! Introducing: Tuesday Temptations

So the shopping ban is officially over. But unfortunately, I am still broke. So instead of going out shopping for the things that tempt me, I'm just going to post about them here. *sigh*

#1 Avenue Stretch Chino Cuffed Crops

These look like they could work so well with a billowy romantic shirt and some oxfords or flats. I love the romantic look that is everywhere right now. I just wish I had more pieces in my closet to pull something together.

#2 Avenue Geo Pintuck Dobby Stripe Blouse

Actually this could work really well with the chinos. . .

#3 Old Navy Cut Out Jersey Maxi Dress

This dress is just looks so comfortable and classy at the same time.

#4 Sequined Converse All-Stars

I saw these on Kimberly's "Fab Finds Under $50" blog (check it out, she's awesome!) and couldn't believe I didn't own them already. Talk about casual with sparkle!

#5 A Pedicure!

With this nail color:

I need one so badly.

Rainy Day Outfit

So it's raining, yet again, here in Ohio. Tonight is my hubby's school night, so he won't be home until late, hence the Polyvore set.

RainFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Rain by jinx08 featuring Old Navy

I did have him take pictures yesterday when I got home from class though. I need to find my camera charger because I am getting tired of these sorry Blackberry pics, and I'm sure you are too! Yesterday it was pretty chilly, and raining when I left the house so I layered myself up.
Check out my handsome husband. What a cutie.

Outfit details:
Pink & Grey striped long sleeve tee: Lane Bryant
Black button-up sweater vest: Avenue
Razor cut straight leg jeans (the best jeans I have found!) Avenue

Black buckle flats: Franco Sarto via Marshalls
Necklace: Avenue (I think?)
Earrings: I believe I stole these from my sister! : )

Bonus Pics!

Wet puppy paw prints all over my leg!
And here's the culprit!