Monday, May 17, 2010

Daily Outfit (and a little more)

So my husband woke me up on Saturday and said, "Happy engagement anniversary!". I was a little confused, and so he explained that he proposed to me three years ago on that date. How sweet is that?! Anyway, so to celebrate, he took me out to a really nice shopping area about an hour away from home, where my favorite restaurant also happens to be. We saw "Clash of the Titans" at the fancy theater they have, did some window shopping, and then had a nice dinner. He's not the best photographer, but here are some photos that I managed to beg him into snapping of my outfit that day:
Sorry, these pictures are kind of dark, but here is a better representation of the colors in the dress. It's a purple with white and coral flowers.

Outfit details:
Purple sundress: Old Navy (now on sale!)
White cardi: Old Navy

White sandals: Avenue
Purple lace camisole: Old Navy
Orange purse: Strada brand via Marshalls
Bracelets: Avenue and Premier Jewelry

I will have to get a better picture of this dress on, because these don't do it justice. It is adorable and comfy and cool, even in humid weather like we've been having in Ohio. And if I hadn't been doing so much walking I would have worn these sandals, but they aren't the best comfort wise for walking, as they have absolutely no cushioning.

More pictures from my favorite restaurant!

It's this super cool Irish pub and they have it decorated so that it feels almost like grandmas house, as strange as that sounds, but it works. And they have the most delicious boxtys with cheese dip. Yum!

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