Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Makeup Roundup

So I love makeup, and I love to try out new products (much to my husband's dismay). Basically I am an advertisers dream. I have a bad habit of rushing out and buying a new product, using it once, not liking it, and sticking in a drawer in my vanity never to see the light of day again (or until my baby sis comes scrounging around and takes it). There are some products that I really like and tend to stick with though. Here are a few of my tried and true favs:

I really like Bare Escentuals foundations for the warmer months. It doesn't provide as much coverage for me as a liquid foundation, but it feels so much lighter when it's hot and humid outside.

Ok, so I have a few favorites in this category because they are all good at covering different imperfections.
I like Benefit Erase Paste for my dark undereye circles. It really seems to cover well, and stays put throughout the day as long as I apply a little powder over it.
I also like Benefit Boi-ing for covering my red, splotchy places. I have a horribly uneven skin tone, and this really helps correct those red patches and even things out.

Highlighter & Bronzer:
Ok, so I guess I'm a Benefit junkie. "That Gal" is a great highlighter. It's a pretty pink shimmer (not glitter!) that is wonderful for emphasizing cheekbones, especially when mother nature and genetics didn't give you great one's to begin with.
I just picked this up at Walgreens a few weeks ago, when the bronzer I was using fell off my vanity and cracked into teeny-tiny pieces. Oops! I am very pleased with this product so far. It looks very natural on my fairish, freckled skin without the slightest hint of orangy-ness.


This Stila eyeshadow/liner kit from Sephora is fabulous! It's a muted look, but for everyday outings, it works fabulously. The liner is the blackest, black I have ever used, which is perfect for an evening smoky eye.

Tarte eyeshadows are super pigmented and so finely milled, they just glide on. I have a slate blue color that I have been using recently as a liner, and it is so intense that it looks like I used a pencil to line my eyes. Love!


Elizabeth Arden Double Density mascara is the first mascara I think I've ever purchased twice consecutively. I think I've tried about every mascara out there from Cover Girl to Dior, and this is my holy grail. I have thin, blonde eyelashes and they need a lot of help. This mascara lengthens and adds fullness without ever clumping or flaking.

Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick. This does exactly what it says it does. Lasts without drying lips, and comes in beautiful colors. My favorite is "Rock Violet".

So what are your favorite products? Any tips or tricks for me when it comes to makup? I'm all ears!

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  1. the package for the stila eyeshadow/liner kit.. is really cute.