Monday, March 28, 2011

"Six Take" - Sparkle & Shine edition

This weeks theme is "Sparkle & Shine"!  

This is a repeat outfit, btw.  I really need to get better at taking my photos during the week! 

Outfit Details:
Outfit Details: 
Sparkle Tank: Lane Bryant 
Jeans: Avenue
Striped Cardigan: Old Navy 
Brown Ruffle Wedges: Fashion Bug
Bangles: Lane Bryant
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Puppy 'n Plaid - Plus Size Daily Outfit!

Tonight Jimmy and I went out to dinner with his sister and her family to a Vietnamese restaurant that they love.  I'm not usually a big fan of Asian food, but I told them I'd give it a try.  It was yummy!  Much more authentic than the American-style Chinese food that I'm used to.  
My nephews were cute, as always, and the youngest, Alex, was telling his mom about how he got hurt at school today.  His big brother, Evan, broke in and and told their mom that an eight-year old (Evan is five) pushed his brother.  My sis-in-law asks him, "Did you tell that boy not to mess with your brother?"  Evan gave her a look like she was insane.  "Mom, he was an eight-year old!"  It cracked me up!

Here's what I wore to have dinner with my family and to play with my puppy: 

Outfit Details:
Brown Slub Tee- Old Navy
Plaid Button Up - Jessica London via
Blue Ribbon Trim Cardi - Old Navy
Jeans - Avenue
Mixed Metals Flats - Avenue (last year)
Necklace - Forever 21 (I think!) 

Here are some gratuitous Trixie action shots: 

 Trixie-girl needs a haircut! 
The sis-in-law and I are going to another photography class tomorrow, so hopefully I'll learn something useful! 
Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Pinning!

Here are the girls who were in my clinical group this rotation (that's my bestie Stacee on the left of me).

 This is my entire graduating class.  I've been through Hell and back with these people! 

Shots of the nursing board that goes up every quarter with photos of all the graduates that you can sign. It's such a thrill to see my photo up there, finally! 

 The very beginning of the ceremony.
 Stacee and I grinning like crazy!
The candle lighting.  There was so much hairspray in the group we were all worried we would go up in flames! 

My sis-in-law and I. 
 Partners in crime. 

 Jimmy and I. 

I have a job interview Monday (keep your fingers crossed for me!), and still don't have a date to sit for my state boards, so I'm kind of in a weird limbo right now.  I'm just trying to use my time to do some spring cleaning and work on my "Pay It Forward" gifts.  And studying for boards, of course.  

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Has Sprung! - Plus Size Daily Outfit

Last Friday, my family and I went out to dinner after my pinning ceremony to celebrate my graduation.  The weather was nice (except for an afternoon rainstorm), the air was fresh and cool, and I wanted to bust out my spring colors! 
So here is what I wore to my graduation dinner (which was delish, btw!): 

 Yeah, that thread on my cardi was there in all my photos.  Jimmy apparently didn't think it was a problem. 

Keep in mind, this was at the end of a very long day.  ; )  

Outfit Details:
Pink One-Shoulder Dress - from the Voluptuous Vixen boutique in New Orleans (highly recommended!) 
Floral Print Cardi - Old Navy 
Sandals - Avenue (last summer)
Corsage - from ceremony 

Not the most exciting outfit, I grant you, but I felt good in it!  Photos from the ceremony are going to be posted later this week, so keep an eye out!  

Monday, March 21, 2011

"Six Take" - The Celeb Style Edition

Last week completely got away from me, and I never was able to post the "Six Take" challenge at all.  So this week, I made sure to get my photos taken extra early so I wasn't scrambling at the last minute.

My celeb inspiration was Nicole Richie.  Despite the fact that we have completely different body types, I do love her hippie/boho style.  I think it can be flattering on many different people and figures.  Here is her version of the maxi and denim jacket:

And here is my version:
Sorry this photo is a little blurry. . . : ( 

Outfit Details: 
Lavender Print Maxi Dress - Lane Bryant (sold out online)
Denim Jacket - Avenue
Pendant Necklace - Vintage from grandma
Bangles - Lane Bryant  

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Graduation Day!

 Thank goodness we don't have to wear those uniforms anymore!

I am graduating today!  I have been at school doing rehearsal and stuff this morning, and just ran home to iron my uniform (and Jimmy's clothes) for tonight and to take a little rest before heading back.  The ceremony is at 7pm, so in a little more than five hours I will have my nursing degree.  I'm not an official RN until I pass my state boards, but hopefully I'll get my test date soon!  

I promise I'll be back to posting more regularly next week! 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stripes and Sequins - Plus Size Daily Outfit

Thursday was officially my last day of school!  Yippee!!!!!!!   

I have my pinning ceremony (it's like a commencement for nurses) on Friday, and I am so excited.  I still don't have my date to take my state boards yet, but hopefully I only have to wait a few weeks. 

Today my sis-in-law and I went to a photography class at one of our local metroparks.  It's for beginning photographers, and I learned some new things which will hopefully help with my outfit photos.  There are three more in the series (every Saturday morning), and each one will focus on a different topic.  It was nice to get to hang out with her, since we've both been so busy lately.  She just finished her Master's degree, and hasn't had much free time either.  (Go Mandy! I'm so proud of you!)

This is what I wore to learn how to use my camera: 
Outfit Details:
Boatneck Striped Tee -  Old Navy
Tweed Chain Detail Jacket - Lane Bryant (similar)
Jeans - Avenue
Floral Sequined Flats - Lane Bryant
 Coral Birds Scarf - won in a giveway from Love Your Lumps

Monday, March 7, 2011

"Six Take" - The leggings edition

I've lost my camera charger.  I cannot find it anywhere!  So therefore, I was unable to take photos of my outfit today. 
I however, did put together this polyvore set to recreate what I wore today: 
But, I do feel like I owe you guys some real photos, so here are few from January: 
Sorry!  I hope to find my charger soon, so I can get back to posting real outfit photos.  

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Friend Friday - My Beauty Picks

1. What's your favorite drug store makeup product and your favorite
higher-end product? 
 I use a combination of drug store makeup and higher-end products in my everyday routine.  I think my favorite drug store product would probably be Maybelline Mineral Powder foundation in "Natural Ivory".  I have used Bare Escentuals makeup in the past, but wasn't that impressed with the amount of coverage and the staying power for the price.  I found this Maybelline version while browsing in Walgreens one day, and thought I'd give it a shot.  I loved it!  The coverage is great, it lasts all day, and the price is fantastic! 
My favorite "higher-end" product is a little more difficult to choose.  I guess, I would probably say it is Clinique's "Almost Bronzer".  Having a pretty fair complexion, I have a hard time finding a bronzer that doesn't look orangy or make my skin look dirty. This bronzer is perfect for shadowing and giving a nice "glow". 

2. Is there one type of product that is your go-to, can't live
My go-to product would be Benefit's "Coralista" blush.  I received a large sample of this blush in a kit from Sephora, and I loved it the first time I used it.  It is the perfect peachy-pink shade to make my cheeks look like they are naturally flushed, without being glittery or sparkly.  I have been using it every single day since I got it, and I will purchase the full sized version when my sample runs out. 
3. What's the best hair product you've ever used? 
I was introduced to "It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product" a few years ago, by a hairdresser friend.  She told me it was great as a leave-in conditioner, a heat protectant, and a shine spray, while also being really good for your hair.  It's got a nice fresh scent, and doesn't make my hair look greasy or weighted down at all.  
4. Fess up, what's the worst beauty look you've tried to rock and look
back at now with a little shame or apprehension that you actually did

Well, I will admit that during my early teen years (around 1998, when I was a freshman in high school) I rocked some pretty horrendous bangs.  I got up extra early to make sure they were curled just so, and used a tremendous amount of hairspray to keep them looking "perfect". 
Yes, believe it or not, that is me and my high school friend, Lauren, in homeroom freshman year. 
5. When it comes to beauty products, we all use the same basic
products. What do you use that helps show off your personal flare and

A few month ago, I bought the Urban Decay 24/7 Jackpot set from Sephora.  It's got some really cool colors that I wouldn't normally try to pull off, but they actually look good!  I'm glad I gave it a try, and will probably buy the full size of a few of the colors when my pencils are down to the nub. 
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Busy Day - Plus Size Daily Outfit

Today I had to cancel a day of my community service project in order to go downtown and get a replacement social security card for a background check.  This background check has already been rescheduled once due to a misunderstanding, and is a requirement in order for me to sit for my state board nursing exams. I could have sworn that both mine and Jimmy's SS cards were in a desk drawer, but when I went to get mine this morning it was missing!  
 I had to go to the federal building downtown, where of course there was not a free meter in sight, so I ended up parking four blocks away and walking in the freezing wind.  Then when I went through security, they said that the scanner showed that I had either a knife or mace in my purse.  What?!  (BTW, how do you confuse a knife and a can of mace?)  I informed the guard that I had neither one of those things in my bag, and he was free to look around in there.  Of course, he found nothing and sent me on my happy little way.  I then had to sit in the social security office waiting for half an hour to get  letter showing that I had a social security card.  Then, I booked it back down to school and got my background check done.  Whew!  
So now I have to find the time to make up the day I've missed (hopefully I can work something out for Thursday morning) at the elementary school.  

Here's what I wore to run around like a mad woman: