Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Busy Day - Plus Size Daily Outfit

Today I had to cancel a day of my community service project in order to go downtown and get a replacement social security card for a background check.  This background check has already been rescheduled once due to a misunderstanding, and is a requirement in order for me to sit for my state board nursing exams. I could have sworn that both mine and Jimmy's SS cards were in a desk drawer, but when I went to get mine this morning it was missing!  
 I had to go to the federal building downtown, where of course there was not a free meter in sight, so I ended up parking four blocks away and walking in the freezing wind.  Then when I went through security, they said that the scanner showed that I had either a knife or mace in my purse.  What?!  (BTW, how do you confuse a knife and a can of mace?)  I informed the guard that I had neither one of those things in my bag, and he was free to look around in there.  Of course, he found nothing and sent me on my happy little way.  I then had to sit in the social security office waiting for half an hour to get  letter showing that I had a social security card.  Then, I booked it back down to school and got my background check done.  Whew!  
So now I have to find the time to make up the day I've missed (hopefully I can work something out for Thursday morning) at the elementary school.  

Here's what I wore to run around like a mad woman: 

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