Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Pinning!

Here are the girls who were in my clinical group this rotation (that's my bestie Stacee on the left of me).

 This is my entire graduating class.  I've been through Hell and back with these people! 

Shots of the nursing board that goes up every quarter with photos of all the graduates that you can sign. It's such a thrill to see my photo up there, finally! 

 The very beginning of the ceremony.
 Stacee and I grinning like crazy!
The candle lighting.  There was so much hairspray in the group we were all worried we would go up in flames! 

My sis-in-law and I. 
 Partners in crime. 

 Jimmy and I. 

I have a job interview Monday (keep your fingers crossed for me!), and still don't have a date to sit for my state boards, so I'm kind of in a weird limbo right now.  I'm just trying to use my time to do some spring cleaning and work on my "Pay It Forward" gifts.  And studying for boards, of course.  

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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