Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Nail Polish Rack

I'm the kind of person who forgets what I have unless I can see it.  I have almost all of my necklaces hanging on my wall, and my bracelets hanging on a little tree from Ikea.  If I can see them all at once, I am better about actually wearing all of them instead of sticking with just a few pieces over and over.  So with that in mind, I've been thinking about purchasing a nail polish rack from Amazon for quite some time.  Prior to this project my nail polish was scattered about it little bins and the drawer in my nightstand.  My research led me to find that the cheapest rack was around $30, which seemed a little steep for some clear plastic. 
Luck would have it that I was cruising Pinterest one day (Ok, like every day.), and happened to see this tutorial on how to DIY a nail polish rack.  Insert squeal here! 

I tried to take photos throughout the 
process, but I wasn't terribly successful.  I got caught up in watching the thing come together, and forgot to take them at certain steps.  Hmmmm. . . a little ADHD, anyone?

The entire project basically requires: 
3 foam boards (I bought mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 each)
An exacto knife or boxcutter type blade
A hot glue gun
Colored/Patterned Duct tape to your liking (this is totally optional)
I also used some Gorrila Glue to reinforce the shelves. 

The first step is to draw lines on one piece of the foam board (your backing) that will be guides to place your shelves. 
Yeah, not the best photo.  Again, sorry about that. 

Next, you want to cut out (of your second and third pieces of foam board) your strips that will become your shelves and sides of the rack.
 (Please check the tutorial linked above for measurements.)
Then, you can begin to wrap the front part of the shelves in duct tape. 
This is the pattern I chose. 

Next you begin the really fun stuff. .  . Gluing! 
 One shelf down. . . (I was totally watching Law & Order: SVU on Netflix while I was working on this.)
Almost there! 

And this is where I really got lazy/forgetful about taking photos.  It's not too exciting from this point on, anyway.  You basically glue the sides and top and bottom on, then add the front part of the shelves with the duct tape.  
The finished product before being hung. 
And the completed product stocked with polish. 

Up close view of my excess glue mess and my dog-chewed polish cap. 

I used this stuff:
to reinforce each shelf at the bottom, and I recommend using it very sparingly.  I went a little crazy with it, and I got some blobs that seeped out from the seal (which you can't see when the rack is hanging because the little lip covers it), but I just want to give a warning.  Also, don't get this on your skin or clothes. 
Yes, I managed to do both and it stayed on me for at least two days even after showering. I still don't know if my dress will ever be the same. . . 

Have you tried a DIY project lately?  How did it turn out?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments! 

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