Friday, June 8, 2012

Plus Size Daily Outfit - Anniversary Edition

We didn't really do anything exciting for our anniversary this year.  We did spend an evening in Cincy a few weeks ago, so we kept it pretty laid back tonight.  We just went out to dinner and got some ice cream, then watched some tv when we got home.  We're exciting people, what can I say?  

Outfit Details
Dress - Thrifted last year and never worn.  I thought it was too form-fitting at the time, but I'm starting to realize that more fitted clothing is actually more flattering. (similar here)
Lime Green Flats - I think I got these at Meijer ages ago.  I had a pink pair, but had to get rid of them.  These would not typically be my first choice for this outfit, but due to my ankle injury, I have to play it safe when it comes to heels. (similar here)
Necklace - Vintage from my great-grandma.  Isn't it fantastic?! (similar here)
Earrings - Lane Bryant (similar here)
Bracelet - I don't remember where this came from! (similar here)
Ring - Purchased at an "Art in the Park" festival a few summers ago. (similar here)

 This is Jimmy saying "Just take the picture already!"

Trixie-girl just went to the groomers yesterday, and looks so pretty!

Does anybody have any plans for the weekend? 
 I've got to work Saturday 7am-7:30pm, so my Sunday will probably be spend chilling at home before I head back for two more day shifts on Monday and Tuesday. I've never worked a full day shift at the hospital before (I've stayed a few hours late to work the beginning of the shift, and come in early to work the last few hours of the shift.), so I'm a little nervous.  It's much more hectic with people going off the floor for procedures and treatments, and having to check blood sugars and covering insulin 3 or more times for meals, versus 1-2 times on night shift. I know all the people who work days are great, and I'm sure I can ask them for help if I get completely in a bind, but it's just something that I'm not used to.  Wish me luck!
I'll report back and let you guys know how it goes.  

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