Monday, November 1, 2010

Leopard Print - Plus Size Daily Outfit

I've had these Leopard print flats for a while now, and haven't ever worn them for some reason. I saw Kyla wearing them the other day and thought I would take them out into the world finally.  

I actually started out the day wearing this outfit with the long cardigan, but decided when I got home that it wasn't quite right. . . 
So I changed into this vest instead.  I think the vest worked much better. 
Outfit Details: 
Cropped & Cuffed Chinos - Avenue 
White Pleated Blouse - A brand I've never heard of via Marshalls
Brown Leather Patch Cardi - Old Navy 
Brown Knit Vest - Avenue 
Bead & Shell Necklace - Charming Charlie
Leopard Print Cuff - Avenue
Leopard Print Flats - Old Navy 
I'm super nervous tonight, because I have my first big test for critical care tomorrow.  So wish me luck guys! 


  1. Cute outfit, I especially love the cuff. And you're right, the vest look is much better because it shows off more of your outfit.

  2. tu es toujours resplendissante je t envie !


  3. Good Luck on your test:)

    And I like the cardi and the vest equally:) So I guess I'm no help at all lol

  4. Michaniya - I thought so too. I think the proportions are just better with the vest.

    Nefertiti - You are too sweet! Thank you, that is a fantastic compliment.

    Fiona - Thanks. It didn't go as well as I had hoped, but it was ok. : )

  5. Love the shoes!

    I think the vest is less bulky - just works out better in the end :)

    I always think things that are more fitting to the body looks better than things that hang & wrinkle up a bit.

  6. Really cute outfits, I think both worked really nicely. Love the shirt! Those shoes are cute too, and the jewellery is AWESOME!!!

    Hope you rocked that test!

  7. Diana - Thanks! I agree. I think the cardi over the long sleeved shirt was just too bulky.

    Eve - Thank you! I didn't quite rock it, but it went ok. : )