Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf - Plus Size Daily Outfit

Check out Kimberly's blog this afternoon for details on this scarf challenge, and another photo of my outfit!  

We were having some wind issues, hence the weird bangs.

Outfit Details:
Grey Sweater Dress - J. Jill
Green Argyle Sweater - Target
Grey Tights - Avenue
Necklace/Scarf Thing - Check out Kimberly's blog for info! 
Black Shooties - Born "Gertrude"



  1. That scarf is SO CUTE! I love the outfit that goes along with it, too!

  2. adorable outfit! so cheerful and sweet :)

  3. green makes your hair look very vibrant

  4. I love how you turned the scarf into a necklace, using a belt!! So creative--I love it!

  5. Cute way to wear the scarf and I always, always love argyle. You look super cute!

  6. Love the sweater and necklace. Can you post a link to kimberly's blog.

  7. Fashion Flirt, MarySew, and Lesa - Thank you!

    RoSi - Yes it does! The other photo (the one on Kimberly's blog) doesn't look quite so red.

    shelennon - Thanks! It took awhile to figure out, but I knew I would come up with something. : )

    CurvyEveryday - Thank you very much. Up at the top of the post where it says "Kimberly's blog" in a lighter color is a link to her blog. ; )

  8. I just adore this outfit! perfect proportions and lovely silhouette. Hey I'm in Ohio too....Circleville area:)

  9. Oh look at you looking like a cute little school girl. :D I love this outfit.

  10. I had no idea that J. Jill had plus items... I adore! You look sooo cute in this look!
    Mrs Hall In Training

  11. Thrifty Momma - Yay for a fellow Ohioan! I'm in the Dayton area.

    Eve - That made me giggle! lol.

    Totally Inspired - Thank you! They do have a pretty decent plus size line, and I think they even go up to a 4x in some styles!