Friday, November 12, 2010

My Study Buddy

Yesterday, as I mentioned, I stayed in and studied for most of the day.  My animals were none too pleased that I was not paying attention to them.  My cat, Jinx decided that she was going to put a stop to it!  

"But, Mom, look at how cute I am!  How can you resist this?" 
And then she did this.  Sigh.  She's so lucky that I love her. 

What do your pets do that drives you crazy?  What do they do that makes you laugh? 

Btw, I did fine on my test.  Phew!


  1. Oh, man, my cats are the same way! She is so cute.

  2. Ms. Loaf - My other cat, Capers, just kept head-butting my hand the whole day so it looked like I had a stroke when I was writing my notes. Hahaha. Thanks. : )

  3. Let me first say that I absolutely adore my 5 dogs and I would never trade them in for anything in the world. BUT, I hate how much they shed! My house is always full of hair. It is nearly impossible to sit anywhere and not get hair on your outfit. And the bed, oh my, how I miss having a hair free bed. My dogs are very spoiled. I'm also not that big of a fan when they won't leave me alone for 1 second of the day.
    On the other hand, I always laugh at how funny they are. They're very protective of me and of each other and I find it so adorable. sometimes just looking at them makes me smile. I'm such a sucker for them.

  4. Right on top of your notes! That's hilarious! Glad you did well on the test! :)

  5. Oh, yes. One of my cats loves to lie across my homework when he's not getting enough attention. He's the same one who sits on my laptop when he wants attention. :D

  6. Maria - Wow, you are a brave woman to have five dogs! I love animals, but three is enough for me right now. I have the shedding issue too. Luckily the dog doesn't shed, but we have the black cat and also a cat that is mostly white with long, fine fur. So no matter what color I wear some sort of hair is always on me!

    Wendy - Oh yeah. She's so lady-like. Hahaha!

    hepburnesque - Jinx likes to lie on my laptop too! I think she just likes the warmth though.