Saturday, June 5, 2010

Daily Outfit - Anniversary Dinner Edition

My wedding anniversary is really on Monday, but between work (for Jimmy) and school (for me), there is practically no hope of celebrating on the actual day. Since that is the case, we decided to get a little gussied up and go have a nice dinner. I decided to wear my one and only (at least so far) maxi dress.It was raining when we got to the restaurant, and Jimmy pointed out that my umbrella matched my dress!My traditional "arms akimbo" pose.

I tried to do a smoky eye look. : )

Outfit Details:
Maxi Dress: Lane Bryant Outlet in New Orleans 2009
Ruffled Shrug: Lane Bryant
Black Embossed Clutch: Lane Bryant 2008
Gold Sandals: Avenue
Leaf Bangle: Avenue
Earrings: Jessica Simpson brand via


  1. You look gorgeous!! And happy anniversary! :)

    Not sure if you have checked your email yet, but just want to let you know that i chose you for a Sweet Blogger award!

    Check it out!

    -Christina <3

  2. happy anniversary!!

    i gave you an award:

  3. happy anniversay! I love this maxi dress on you. And I am dying of those sandals, I might just have to go an get a pair for myself.

  4. You look great and Happy Anniversary!

  5. You look amazing Happy Anniversary!! :)

    I wanted to tell you that I picked you for the Sweet Award

    <33 Lianna <33

  6. Thanks for all the great comments and congrats, girls! And thank you for the awards. I think we are running in circles because I gave the award to Lianna and Linda too! : )

  7. I think I'm getting those metallic flats too!!! Very cute!!!

  8. I knew we were meant to be friends... My anniversary is today too... YAY!!! June 7th ROCKS!!!