Monday, June 14, 2010

Tuesday Temptations!

Last week's "Tuesday Temptations" post never happened, so doubling up the items in this week's post to make up for it!
#1. Crochet Trim Gauze Sundress from Lane Bryant:
I have one maxi dress, and want another one so badly. This one is perfect. It's gauze, so it's lightweight. It has great crochet details, and it is probably the perfect length for 5'4'' me!

#2. Faded Cheetah Knit Top from Faith 21
I wish the Faith 21 line was extended to fit larger sizes! I don't usually like the animal tops that are everywhere right now, but this one really caught my eye. I think it's subdued enough to look cute without looking too young for me.
#3. Painted Tulip Bandeau Dress from Asos Curve

I saw this over at Curves and Chaos and fell in love!
#4. Pale Grey Blossom Corsage from AAliciaAccessories on Etsy
I love the idea of this pin! You can wear it so many different ways, and get really creative with it.

#5. Nautical Jersey Bolero from Fashion to Figure

I love the nautical trend, and this little bolero would be a perfect topper to a white dress.
#6. OPI Nailcolor in Breathe LifeAlthough I have been loving the nude/coral nail colors as of late, this silvery-blue color really strikes my fancy.
#7. Straw Sunhat with Blue Trim by Eugenia Kim for Target

I really like the retro, ladylike feel of this hat.
#8. Stila Getaway Glam Collection at Sephora

I love Stila products, and need some waterproof (sweatproof, really) eyeliner and mascara. Unfortunately, this set is out of stock. Boo.
#9. Versace Bright Crystal Perfume at SephoraThis is a really nice floral scent, perfect for summer.

#10. A winning lottery ticketSo that I can afford all this stuff! (Although, I guess you would have to actually play the lottery to win.)


  1. Oh my gosh, love the FTF nautical shrug - - so much so that I just ordered it! If you decide to get it to use promo code FTF15OFF for 15% off!

    Great picks!

  2. Nice collection Courtney, I really like the animal print top, just like you said, it's subtle. The hat is kind of too weird for my taste :D but I can totally dig the winning lottery ticket to purchase these items. Too cute!