Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daily Outfit: Day Two of the Wardrobe Challenges

Today I messed around with my outfit a lot before settling on the final version. I was told that I looked sophisticated by one friend, and then another one told me I looked like an art teacher. I'm not sure if that is good or bad, because I had some really cool art teachers back in the day!

Outfit Details:
White Button-Up Top: Roamans
Rolled-up Jeans: Avenue
Shoes: Fashion Bug
Scarf: Land's End
Watch: Catherine's
Earrings: so old, I don't even remember where I got them
Obi belt: Ebay

And this is why you can't see my shoes in the outfit photo:

Jerry-rigged tripod consists of: Laptop stand, cardboard boxes, and a bottle of pills to keep the camera from toppling over. I swear, I should have become an engineer.


  1. giiiirrrlll .... u are rockin this challenge! i cant believe ure doing 2 at once ... now thats wat i call gangsta! lol ... ;-)

  2. aw. i like the belt! yay on your challenges.. good luck! :)

  3. I like this outfit! Super cute and comfy, but you look really well put together! :)

  4. So many fun details in this outfit! The gorgeous scarf, those fun flats, the awesome belt ... all your messings around paid off, lady.

  5. you rock gurl!!!!!----and you're so inspiring---love the outfits---remain blessed my friend!!

  6. Thanks everyone, your sweet comments really mean a lot to me! And coming from you Sal, the queen of accessorizing, that is maybe the best compliment ever!

  7. Love the shoes and I am super jealous of teh obi belt. I want one so badly!

  8. Very nice, I wouldn't say school teacherish, more on the flirty side to me. You've got some serious housewares behind you. Don't do any housework in that outfit. :D

  9. lmao that contraption reminds me of when I taped my camera to the door in order to take pictures! I really love the scarf.