Saturday, September 25, 2010


This week I have been given three blogger awards! 
 First, is a "Versatile Blogger" award from Reluctant Writer at Pacifiers, Pumps & the World.

The other two are from the lovely Christina at Randomness a la Mode.  I love her blog.  She is absolutely gorgeous, and always looks so put together, even in her more casual outfits.

So thank you to both of you wonderful ladies!  

In honor of the awards, I'm going to share five facts about myself you might not know. 

1.  My middle name is Jean. (Ok, some of you know this already.) As is my Mom's, and was my Grandma's, and my first daughter's will be someday.

2.  My favorite holiday is New Year's Eve.  I guess I love the idea of a new start every year.  Plus, my family gets together to celebrate, and I am guaranteed a kiss at midnight.  What's not to love?! 

3.  I was on my high school color guard squad, and there are photos to prove it.  
 Believe it or not that is me.  Young, blonde, thin, and swathed in red velvet at about age 16.

4.  I love French onion dip, but I hate sour cream.  I know it makes no sense, but it's true. 

5.  If a song comes on the radio, 9 times out of 10 I will know most of the lyrics, and can tell you who sings it.  I have a strange ability to remember the most useless bits and pieces of trivia.  Of course, this doesn't help me when it comes to studying for exams.

So I pass these awards on to all of you!  Post them along with five facts about yourself on your blog, or leave me a comment with some interesting facts about yourself! 


  1. You look beautiful in that picture!:) You ARE beautiful :)

  2. oo a girl after my own heart! I too have beem known to retain all sorts of info(useful and ahem otherwise:). That's quite reasuring that I'm not alone here:) Five facts about moi?

    1. I appreciate Prince's(the artist) God-given talent!

    2. My favourite food in the whole world is fresh fruit(love my kale too:)

    3. I love to sing, dance, draw, craft,sew and paint.

    4. I'm a avid bookworm and rate American writers / authors highly and thus get on well with Americans(I find them very open, warm and friendly:)

    5. I adore babies, children and animals(I am a naturally-maternal / broody Cancerian after all:). I also thrive surrounded by nature!

    Great Post, Courtney!


  3. Giedre - Well, thank you!

    Cosmic - I love Prince! Thanks so much for sharing about yourself. I love all of the facts about you!

  4. Hi, Courtney

    I just wanted to comment and say that my middle name is Jean, too. :D My mom's middle name is Jean and my grandmother's name is Jean. Whether Jean ends up integrated into the name of a future daughter is still to be determined. :D