Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cat In the Box

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging about fashion much or posting any outfit photos.  I promise (really!) that I'll get back to it very soon.  I haven't been wearing anything worthy of photographing.  I have been basically wearing variations on this: 


Blah by jinx08 featuring a butterfly t shirt

We are still working on finishing up the bathroom/spare room project, so I haven't had any reason or motivation to dress up at all.  I have been either sitting at home while the contractors work, laying new tile (which I did all by myself!), or making countless trips to Lowe's.  I do start school this Thursday, so I will be getting back to my normal self again soon, although I do have to wear scrubs two days a week (blech).  
In the meantime, though, here's something that made me laugh today: 

And here's my cat, Jinx, in the box that our new sink came in: 


  1. Awww...
    looking all innocent and sweet-like.

  2. Lady's Lounge - It's all an act! : )

  3. j ai deux chats noirs aussi dingue des cartons,surtout des Torrid le tien resesemble beaucoups a mon Bastet ;O)

  4. Nefertiti - Je pense que tous les chats ont une prédilection pour les boîtes. Qui sait pourquoi?! Merci beaucoup pour le commentaire!