Friday, September 24, 2010

First Day of Fall - 92 Degrees!

I really can't believe it's the first day of Fall, because here in Ohio it got up to 92 degrees today.  Come on!  I am completely and totally ready to break out my new clogs, sweaters, and tights and pack away the short sleeves and capri pants until next summer.  Who's with me?! 
Today I had a two hour lecture, so I put on something very casual.  It was already pretty hot when I left the house at 9am, but the room our class is in is always freezing, so I tried to wear something that would accommodate both extremes.  Of course, about halfway through class I was freezing, and I actually thought about running outside to warm up for a minute! 

 I think my head looks tiny in this picture. I hope it's not really that miniscule! 

Outfit Details:
Coral & White Print Top - Old Navy
Yellow Cardi - Old Navy
Jeans - Avenue

 OMG Glasses!  (And crazy, messy hair)  My contacts were bugging me this morning, so I decided to try the old glasses for a change. 

Sequined Converse (Heck Yeah!) - via 6pm
Super Long Necklace - I don't remember
Knot Stud Earrings - Forever 21
BFF ID Bracelet From Highschool - found in a drawer the other day
Charm Bracelet - gift from hosting a jewelry party

I'm taking my first exam for my Peds class tomorrow, so wish me luck guys!  I'm planning on getting up early to get to school and study for a few hours before taking it.  All of our exams in the higher nursing classes are given on computers, so we don't have a particular time to do it.  They basically tell us "The testing center is open these hours and you have to take the exam between these dates".  Of course I could have taken it as early as Monday, but where's the fun in that?  I am a master of procrastination. 


  1. The yellow cardi is very cute! And those sequined shoes rock!
    Have a nice Friday :)

  2. jungleworldcitizen - Thanks so much!

  3. Sequins??? Did I see sparkle!! Oh how I love to sparkle!

  4. hehe! You look adorable with glasses! <3 am im lovin this outfit!! Very "geek-chic" ;)

    -Christina <3

  5. I have those same Converse - they are great, aren't they! Love the bright colors.

  6. Nicole - Oh yeah! I love a good sequin!

    Christina - Thanks. I like that. "Geek Chic" is a great way to describe it!

    Kimberly - They are awesome! Thanks. : )

  7. I love your style, Courtney(lovely:)!


  8. Awesome! I love the yellow and coral together.


  9. I love your glasses, actually. :-)

    stopping by from lbs!

    Classic NYer

  10. Oh my gosh, can I just tell you how fantastic you look in glasses...because you do!