Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just In (Military)Time - Daily Outfit

This morning it was a little cool, so I decided to break out my army jacket for its debut.  I thought it would look great paired with something colorful and a little girly.  I remembered this top and thought it would be perfect! 
You can see my cat peeking out the window in the picture on the left.  : )  

Outfit Details: 
 Floral, colorful top: Torrid
Army jacket: Lane Bryant
Jeans: Avenue

Coral Flats (that got cut off in my photos): Born brand "Daffodil" -these are my favorite flats!
Gold bangles: Lane Bryant
Flower & Heart Pendant: Forever 21
Filigree Chain with Tiny Pearls: from my Grandma Dixie


  1. Love the juxtaposition of the feminine top and tough jacket.

  2. It's getting very cool in these parts as well. That jacket is really nice. Cute shoes too. :D

  3. Uh oh... I started a army green and coral trend... Go me!!! And go you for pulling it off so well... super cute!!!

  4. I love this on you!! Its dressed up with the jewelry or you can wear it just running errands....looks fabulous my Dear:)

    Statements in Fashion

  5. Sal & Eve - Thanks to both of you!

    Diva - You know it! I actually wore this yesterday, so we must have been having some fashion ESP or something going on!

    RoSi & Holly - Thanks, ladies!

    Collette - I loved the versatility of this jacket! Thank you. : )

  6. Love the jacket! Looks great! I got one similar at the Gap and wear it with everything. Love the toughness of it yet looks so stylish.

  7. Your outfit inspired my outfit today! Love it!

  8. Cid - Exactly! It's tough and sort of masculine, but chic at the same time.

    fashionflirt - Yay! I love your outfit too! : )