Sunday, February 6, 2011

All Work and No Pay

Thank you all again for your well wishes.  Jimmy is home and doing fantastic.  He came home yesterday afternoon, and has still got a drain and a g-tube (a feeding tube directly in his abdomen) in place, along with some braces on either side of his incision.  So I'm getting lots of practice in even though I didn't have clinicals this week because of the ice storm.  He's also on Lovenox, which is an anticoagulant that is given by injection.  He's so lucky he's got a nurse (well, almost) for a wife.  Although, he might argue with you on that. . . . .

I wish I had gotten some posts ready to go prior to the surgery, so that I had something ready for you guys, but I didn't think that far ahead, unfortunately.  I'm working on getting some new outfit photos ready along with some other posts. Thanks for sticking it out with me. 

More to come soon. . . . 

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