Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Caped Crusader - Plus Size Daily Outfit

On Sunday, Jimmy and I went to Ikea to pick up a new dresser and nightstand because our old bedroom furniture was hand-me-down stuff from his grandmother, and it was very old-fashioned and ginormous.  We recently got a king-sized bed after a few years of having a queen, and I guess we didn't realize how small our bedroom really is until we got that monster in there.  With the bed, my long dresser, and Jimmy's chest of drawers all in the room, it was crowded.  We actually had to push the bed so far over that Jimmy had to kneel on the bed to get into his closet, or else I couldn't open my drawers.   Poor guy.  

So here's what I wore to buy new bedroom furniture: 

Sorry about the squinty face.  It was really sunny when we left the house. 
Dang, I look super-pale in this photo!

Outfit Details:
Gray long-sleeved tee shirt - Old Navy
Plaid belted cape - Macys maybe. . . ? It's about 2 years old
Long black jersey skirt- Sealed With A Kiss Designs
Black flat lace-up oxfords - Target

This skirt is super comfy, and is the perfect length for me.  I've been searching for the perfect casual maxi skirt, so when I saw this one on the SWAK website, I jumped on it.  It was my first order from them, but I'm impressed so far!
I have a favor to ask you guys. . . Jimmy is having GI surgery today at 8:30, and I would really appreciate any good thoughts/prayers/energy/etc. you can send our way. 

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