Friday, April 8, 2011

Friend Friday - My 5 Fashion Picks for Spring

#1. Brights!
I absolutely love the bright colors that are everywhere for spring.  I think everyone can pull off this trend, even if it's just with a bright accessory or two. 
For Example: 

#2. Pink & Orange Combos

So I guess, technically, this could fall under "Brights", but I am such a fan of this particular color combo that I feel it deserves its own category.  Maybe because it's so girly, or because I love fuschia, or maybe it's because they were my wedding colors. . . . 

#3. White On White

I love the clean, crisp, cool look of white on white for Spring.  I myself, can't imagine wearing straight white, but I can easily see this working with a shot of color in a necklace, handbag, or shoes. 

#4. 70's Chic


 This is another look that I think most people can pull off.  Those who are old enough to actually remember 70's fashion may not be so quick to jump on this bandwagon, but those of us who never had to live through (or aren't old enough to remember) the time of polyester leisure suits and Farrah Fawcett hair-do's, think it's pretty groovy. 

How to make it work:

 #5.  Colored Pants

 Kimberly actually posted about this the other day, but brightly colored pants are everywhere right now!  
I want pair of red pants so badly, but I just can't find the right ones.   The search continues!

Perfect Pants:

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