Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kiss and Makeup - A Peek At My Beauty Stash

Some of you may remember that we remodeled our guest bathroom not too long ago.  Well, we picked out this cute sink without really thinking about counter space.  The bathroom isn't very big, but the old sink had a large enough top that I could balance my flat iron/curling iron on it in order to do my hair. Once we put in the new sink, I realized that there was no way I could use the bathroom to do my hair.  
The master bathroom, on the other hand, has a huge counter which is perfect for doing my hair and makeup.  The problem is that Jimmy is always complaining about all my "crap" taking over his bathroom. 
Our solution: 
A vanity table!

Ok, it's actually a desk, but it works out perfectly for me.  I absolutely love having a space to do my hair and makeup where I don't have to worry about Jimmy getting mad if I leave my curling iron out, or spraying stinky hairspray, or taking up time in his bathroom. 

Here's my setup:
 Do you see the little Trixie tail down in the corner? : ) 
Some of my lip products, mascaras, eye pencils, etc. 

My brushes.  I found these nifty glasses at a thrift store, and had to bring them home with me.

I absolutely love this pull out lighted mirror.  Perfect for doing eye makeup.  The little bowl on top of my curlers holds my hair clips, bobby pins, ponytail holders, etc. 

Now, for a peek in the drawers. . . 

  The top drawer holds my day-to-day products, and some that I wear on a fairly regular basis. As you can see, I have a little bit of everything, from Covergirl to Stila to Mac and Benefit.  I love trying new products!

 The second drawer holds some larger palettes, eye creams, mineral makeup, and samples.  I am a sample-aholic, btw. 

The third drawer contains liquid foundations, and some eyeshadow shades, liners, and blushes that I haven't been using much lately. 

The fourth drawer holds my hair stuff. Brushes, hairspray, dry shampoo, velcro rollers, and clips for my hot curlers. 

I didn't take a photo of the bottom drawer because it just holds a big bag of silica beads (what I use to keep my brushes upright in the glasses - like at Sephora stores).  

Since I'm nosy, how do you store your beauty supplies?  Do you do your makeup in the bathroom?  The bedroom?  In the car?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments!


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