Thursday, July 15, 2010

Awesome Customer Service Experience

While Jimmy and I were on vacation we stopped at a huge outlet mall to do some browsing. They happened to have a Catherine's outlet, so I popped in (I had made some online orders previously, but had never actually been in a store) to check it out. They were having a sale, and I found one top that I had to make mine, but it was slightly too small in the hips. The sales associate told me that she could place an order for the top in one size larger to be shipped to my home at no charge. Yippee!
Jimmy and I got home the next afternoon, and lo and behold, the shirt arrived home less than an hour after we did!
I know Catherine's has a reputation as being a little pricey and catering to an older crowd, but they have some good sales, and sometimes their selection will surprise you. I will occasionally find a really nice piece amongst the "lounge dresses" and embroidered tees.
This is the top I purchased:

Jimmy told me I looked like "a hawt professional" in it. Whatever that means.

Here are a few things that I am really liking from their website right now:

My favorite pair of pj pants is from Catherine's. They are so, so soft!
I would so wear this outfit.
Catherine's is also great for things like slips and pettipants that are difficult to find in larger sizes.
And just to be clear, Catherine's is not affiliated with this blog in any way, I just have had very good experiences with their company and wanted to spread the word.
Have you had any experiences with Catherines? Either good or bad?


  1. that top you bought is really nice. bright colors without being overwhelming. i dont believe ive shopped at catherine's- possibly their affiliates

  2. I teach high school so Catherines is right up my alley...a lot of time. I'm with you though...I would TOTALLY wear that outfit.

    I've always been treated really well when I went in any Catherines.

  3. RoSi - They are affiliated with Lane Bryant and Fashion Bug. Both of which I also love!

    Dana- I'm glad to hear that my experience wasn't just a fluke then!

  4. luv that shirt you got.. is perfect! I cant wait to see how you wear it.

  5. Love the shirt and the dress, great choice

  6. Hi Courtney. I found you while mingling at The Lady Bloggers Tea Party! I love your blog and your creativity. I'll be sure to be back!

  7. Hi! Stopping by from the LAdy Bloggers Tea PArty! I am also a plus size girl (I am 5'1 - more like an 18 - 22)

    I have visited a Catherine's twice and was not lucky enought to find anything that fit or looked young.

    I really like you blog - I am HUGE shopaholic and i have the hardest time finding clothes. It makes me sad. :-( You definitely have a new follower! Please drop by my blog sometime -

  8. While I agree (for the most part) about the customer service at Catherine's I've had problems with some of their clothes. I bought 4 t-shirts there one day, wore them all and they were great, until I washed them and they all shrunk up 3 inches or so and made them unwearable. I took them back to the store and complained and they wouldn't take them back because I'd washed them.

    Of course it pissed me off but it also made me not want to shop there because if this happened with a $12 t-shirt, it could happen with a $60 dress. I haven't been back. Shame because I love that red dress!

    I'm visiting from the Tea Party. I'm your newest follower!


  9. I've never heard of them. The clothes look great though. Especially the top you purchased.

  10. Nicole - Sometimes I don't find anything either, it seems to be either hit or miss with them. I just had really good luck last time!

    Michelle - I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with Catherine's. I have had my clothes shrink or stretch or do some other funny thing so many times that I don't even dry most of my stuff in the dryer. I tend to lay it flat or hang dry it. It stinks that they wouldn't take them back though. You would think they would at least give you store credit or something!
    Thanks for visiting and becoming a follower!