Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bear Your Threads! - Style Show & Tell

For the second installment of the "Bear Your Threads" feature, I thought I would ask my wonderful readers to send me photos of your favorite monochromatic look. I would love to feature your photos and a link to your page on the blog! Here are some of the looks that have inspired me:

Are you up for the challenge? Send me your outfit photos by July 17th (Saturday)!


  1. I have a pretty one, anyway you can tell me how to get it from polyvore to you?

  2. Lesa, I would love to see the polyvore set, but I was really hoping for actual reader photos of their own outfits. : )
    If you want to email me the link to the set, that would be great, or you can leave a comment here with the link.
    My email is courtney.6708@gmail.com

  3. sounds like a great challenge but i cant think of anything at the moment

  4. I dont really do monochromatic.. but these looks are so cute (especially the yellow).. I may have to challenge myself.. [and I will look back at old pics to see what I can find, maybe there is something there that I did not know]

  5. RoSi- I'm sure you can come up with something fabulous! You've got until Saturday to get creative. : )

    Totally Inspired- I don't usually either, but I've seen so many great monochromatic looks recently, that I thought it would be good to challenge myself. I would love to feature one of your photos! I think a black/gray combo is probably the easiest one to pull together if you need a starting point! : )

  6. LOVE the green monochromatic look.

    My favorite monochromatic look?


    The first outfit of mine in this post. Inspired by a reader request on Already Pretty. Might have to do another one soon, though! Inspired by the green look! :)

  7. fashionflirt - Thanks! I'll post that photo along with your blog link on Sunday!

  8. OK... I think I found two posts



  9. Totally Inspired - Fabulous! Thank you so much. I absolutely love the second one. You'll be posted with a link on Sunday. : )

  10. oops, thought you were just looking for wish list blogs