Saturday, July 31, 2010

Outfit of theDate Night!

This week was "Restaurant Week" in my city (I'm sure other places do this too), which means that a group of restaurants put together select menus and all charge the same price for a meal.  Tonight we went to a steakhouse that specializes in wood fired steaks.  We had never been there before, and figured why not try it when it's a little cheaper than normal?  The menu included a soup or salad, an entree, and a dessert for a set price.  The steaks were amazing.  Everything else was only so-so, but I've never tasted a steak quite like the one I had tonight.  Yum!
I had planned to wear my new dress that I bought last Friday at the outlet mall, but at the last minute realized that I couldn't find my flash tape.  This dress definitely needs flash tape, I promise.  So I had to do a quick change and grab another dress to put on.  Here's what I ended up wearing: 
This belt just kept moving around on me and drove me nuts! These shoes actually have a little bit of a kitten heel, but you can't really tell in the photos.  
Here it is without the jacket. 
Outfit Details: 
Grey Lace Cami: Old Navy
Purple Dress: Old Navy
Black Tuxedo Jacket: Torrid  (isn't the lining pretty?)
Grey Suede Kitten Heels: Target
Black Belt: Torrid
Floral Necklace: Fashion Bug

Tomorrow Jimmy and I are planning on doing a bunch of stuff around the house, and a friend is coming over to help us with some landscaping for our yard.
  What do you have planned for the weekend? 


  1. gorgeous!
    I love the necklace :)

  2. I love this outfit! Belts can be a pain sometimes, but they sure make dresses look great.

    P.S. I love your purse!

  3. I love the purple dress, pretty!

    I have shopping, crafting, and hair doings planned for this weekend. I'm getting my hair cut, colored, and highlighted today (time for back to school). I have to pick up a few things out and about. I will make a flower pot pen holder for my desk.

    Oh and play with the dogs :)

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Dana - I love getting my hair done! I hope you have fun.

    The purse is actually a Vera Bradley, believe it or not! I'll post better pictures of it soon.

  5. So pretty! I really love the necklace.

    For me, it's my last weekend of summer courses, so I'm finishing up final projects and cramming for finals.

  6. I am 200% in love with this outfit... super duper cute... I really need to start dressing up again.

  7. Jennifer -I know how that is, my summer classes ended about two weeks ago.

    Queen - Thanks so much!

  8. Great necklace.. i do adore!
    I agree, those belts can be tricky sometimes. lol.

    Restaurant Week is such a treat! yeeaaaa