Thursday, July 29, 2010

Help Me!

Just a warning: This post is going to be completely different than anything I've posted before, and it in no way relates to fashion

I need your help!  I have a teeny kitchen with not much cabinet space.  This leads to clutter and mess.  Tonight while I was cooking dinner, I was looking for my Italian seasoning. I ended up pulling about ten bottles and jars out of my cabinet in order to get to it.  It is so frustrating when I pull something out of the cabinet and an avalanche of spices, seasonings, and sprinkles rain down on my head.  So here is my trouble cabinet:
Yes, I have a cowboy cookie jar (it's where I keep the animal treats!).  You can start being jealous now.  : )

Does anyone have any good storage/organization solutions for me?  As you can see, the cabinet isn't that big so everything is on top of each other and it drives me nuts! Please help, I'm begging you. 

And just for fun, here's the new tile we are going to be putting up in place of the stainless steel backsplash:


  1. Magnets! I've seen them used in countless places, and if I wasn't living the apartment lifestyle right now, I'd totally use magnetized storage. I've linked a set below, but has a tutorial on making your own.

    magnetic spice rack

  2. The only thing that I can think of is a lazy susan or something like this

    I LOVE the new tile for the backsplash!

  3. Jennifer - I will look into the magnet idea!

    Dana - Thanks for the suggestion! I'll make sure to post photos once we get the new tile up!

  4. Before I had a proper spice rack, I used one of those plastic stair steps for spices. That way I could see what was there a little easier.
    I've also seen people use those over the door shoe organizers. The ones with the pockets and stuff spices and other small items in them.
    I feel your pain. That looks like my old kitchen cabinet!

  5. I like to look at they usually have great ideas for small space organization and also repurposing/diy projects.

  6. Google for turntable or carousel or lazy susan organizer.

    You can find them in housewares departments locally. I have big ones that were placed before the cabinet tops went on and small ones in upper cabinets. Some come stacked for smaller cans and bottles. Everything will be at your fingertips with just a turn of the carousel.

  7. Linda - I've thought about those stair-step things, I'm just not sure I even have enough space for that! lol

    Mallory & Nell - Thanks for the advice! I'll be checking that site, and I'll look into a turntable!

  8. Don't have any advice for your spices, but I LOVE the tiles you're getting. Plz do post the finished project :D

  9. Little baskets from the dollor tree. Write the name of spice on top of jar or bottle to make it easy to see.

  10. Also group like spice together. Baking,mexican,ect....

  11. Ann - That is perfect! I might have to make a trip to the dollar store today! Thank you!