Sunday, August 15, 2010

365 Things I Love

22.  Being an Aunt

I absolutely love being an aunt to my two nephews.  Jimmy and I took them out to a movie, dinner, and for ice cream last night while their parents had a date night.  They are a handful, but they are so funny at the same time.  At dinner, the almost-five-year old asked me, "Aunt Courtney, what are those things all over your face?"  At first I freaked out.  I looked at Jimmy like, "What things is he talking about?!".  Then it dawned on me that he was asking about my freckles!  

23.  Getting Magazines in the Mail

I get super excited when my magazines start showing up every month.  I subscribe to probably about seven or eight different publications (mostly fashion & shopping related), and love to go through them for outfit inspiration and to keep up with new ideas.  

24.  Being a Redhead!

My hair has been pretty much every possible shade (well, any color found in nature), but I always feel the most like"me" when I am a redhead.  I don't know if it's because my mom is a redhead and so was my grandma, or what, but I always come back to it.  (I was actually blonde for most of my life.  I was super-blonde as a kid, but when I hit puberty my hair started turning an ugly dingy blonde color, so I started adding highlights. I was a blonde all the way through school, up until after I met Jimmy when I was about 22.  Sometimes I'll run into people who I haven't seen since high school and they're always shocked that I'm not blonde anymore!)

#25.  Sleeping In
 I absolutely love sleeping in on the weekends.  If I don't get to sleep until at least 9am one day a week, I am not a happy camper. I don't know how I'm going to handle it if we have kids. 

#26.  Laughing
I love to laugh, as I'm sure most people do.  I grew up in a household where we were always making fun of each other and joking, and my husband and I are constantly trying to make each other laugh.  He sings me funny little songs all the time.
Speaking of laughter. . . .

This very well may be the funniest website I have ever read.  I swear Allie Brosh (the writer and illustrator behind the blog) is in my head!  This post in particular made me laugh so hard the other night that I cried, and accidentally woke Jimmy up. 

 I love it when I log into my dashboard and there are new comments!  I really appreciate people taking the time to leave me a little message to tell me what they thought about my post, to give me their opinion on a topic, answer a question, or even just to say "hi!".


  1. when I grow up, I wanna be Allie Bosh :D

  2. Hi....what a fun post!! You are like me, I maybe get 25 magazines to my house per month...I can barely read through them all before the next edition arrives!!

  3. LOL!!! I Love that website!!!! It is HILARIOUS!!!! XD hahaha

    Where did you get the "365 things i love" idea?

    Seems really fun and great! We can all get you know you a little better! :)

    -Christina <3

  4. Mary - Me too!

    Collette - Wow, 25! I feel better about my addiction now. lol

    Christina - I actually started this a few weeks ago. I saw a friend doing something kind of similar on Facebook, and thought it would be a great idea for a weekly post. I'm glad you like it!