Monday, August 16, 2010

Ads That I Love

As I have mentioned before, I get about eight fashion/style magazines a month, and so I am usually pretty unimpressed with many of the advertisements found in these magazines.  However, there are a few designers who's campaigns have really caught my eye.

 I just love the look of these ads.  The clothing is fabulous, I love the retro styling, and I also really like the simplicity.

Michael Kors
 I have always liked Michael Kors designs (he does a plus-size line too, did you know that?), and I really like that the two models in these ads always seem to be happy, and doing everyday things.  I get so sick of seeing scowling models in outrageous poses in ridiculous places (here's a good example). I know these ads aren't high fashion, but to be honest, I'm not either!

Louis Vuitton
 Once again, I love the retro looks in these ads.  I really like that the women all look glamorous and beautiful.  The gorgeous handbags don't hurt either.

Are there any ad campaigns that have caught your eye recently?  Any ads from the past that you remember with fondness?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. I'm dying over the Kors campaign too. Love every look!

  2. Fendi and Luis Vuitton give me that 40s/50s flair that I love so much... great ad pics...