Friday, August 20, 2010

Wardrobe Scavenger Hunt Photos (Finally!)

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get these photos posted.  I am completely computer illiterate and I had to wait for my husband to help me put the photos together.  At least now I know how to do it for next time! 

Entry #1: Yolanda from Diva In Deep Thought

Her shoe color wheel was amazing!

Entry #2: Trisha from MarySew

Mary even made a cute outfit out of her items! 

Entry #3: Melody (If you have a blog let me know!)

I love the little hearts Melody put on her sign! 

Entry #4:  Maria of Texas Love, Life, and Fashion

 Maria was the only person to send a photo of an all white dress! 

Entry #5:  Christina from Randomness a la Mode

I confused Christina so badly when she was trying to submit her photos, but we got it all straightened out in the end.  Thanks for sticking it out Christina! 

Erin had another gorgeous sign.  Thanks, Erin, for taking the time to actually hand-make one.  So sweet!

Entry # 7:  Carla from Messy Carla

I love the cow socks!  

Entry #8:  Kameel from Mrs Hall in Training

Another pretty sign! 

Entry #9:  CarolAnn from CarolAnn Fashion
She made her own nifty little slideshow, so head over to her blog to check it out!  

I hope you all had fun with the contest, I know I did!   Thank you to everyone who participated, and I look forward to having another Wardrobe Scavenger Hunt in the future!


  1. These are all so cool. Rats, I took too long to participate.

    Well done to your hubs for working with the pictures, they look great!

    I LOVE Carla's cow socks :D

  2. Eve- No worries! I plan on doing another scavenger hunt in the future, so you still have a chance to participate. : ) Aren't those socks adorable?!

  3. Great pics from everyone! :) And yes, Im glad we were able to figure everything out in the end! haha! <3

  4. Aww, I really enjoyed doing this! Thanks for arranging it Courtney :-)
    And well done CarolAnn on your win!

  5. Christina - Me too!

    Erin - I'm glad you had fun! I look forward to doing it again in the future.

  6. I loved this so much! Its fun to see other people's items too.