Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wardrobe Scavenget Hunt Contest (and my very first Vlog)!!!

 Item List (worth 1 entry each):

1.  An item of clothing/jewelry that has a sea creature on it/in it

 2.  A necklace that reaches your bellybutton

3.  An item of clothing with more than 13 buttons
4.  Novelty socks (including toe socks)

5.  20 (or more) tubes of lipstick (not gloss!)
6.  An item of clothing/jewelry that you've had since high school (I'll take your word on it)

7.  Footie pajamas!  

8.  Something with fringe

9.  An all white or all black dress

10.    An item of clothing/jewelry/shoes/etc. with writing in a language other than English on it

 BONUS ITEM (worth 2 entries):

A color wheel of shoes!  
It doesn't have to be this precise, of course. 

Don't forget, you get two more entries just for re-posting this contest! 

Here is an example of how I would like items photographed: 

Please email your entries to me by midnight (EST) on Monday, August 16th.  I will draw a winner Tuesday the 17th.  My email address is

The photos will be featured here, so if you don't want your face on the internet please let me know when you send me your photos! 

Here is a link to sandrandan's Etsy shop if you'd like to check out their stuff.  Most pieces are $20 and under, and they do ship internationally, so my UK readers can definitely shop with them also! 

A note: I purchased the $20 gift certificate for the giveaway, and the people at sandrandan are not affiliated with my blog.


  1. ooh. fun! I want to play. Should each entry be an individual picture or can we combine entries into one picture?

  2. Nicole - Good question! It really doesn't matter to me, but if you send them all in one photo please give me a description too, just to make sure I don't miss anything. : )

  3. What a fun contest Courtney! I'm honored that you chose a gift certificate from my shop as the prize!

    Sandra (a.k.a. Sandrandan)

  4. Oh my gosh!!! I think i have most if not all of the items... in love with this idea... and your video is great... I'm going to get started on this today... and reply to the giveaway in a blog post...

  5. Queen - Good! I'm so excited to hear that you'll be participating! I can't wait to see your photos.

  6. This looks like soooo much fun!!! I am totally down! :D

    Will probably repost this on my blog too! ;)

    -Christina <3

  7. Loverlada - Thanks. It was actually my husbands great idea!

    Christina - Yay! Thanks for reposting this!

  8. I loved the vlog! You are the cutest!

  9. Dana - lol Thanks! I felt like a big dork when I was watching it.

  10. Hi, you're not awkward at all in your vlog :D

    LOVE this idea, I've already taken a bunch of pictures today I'll send your way, and I've mentioned the contest on my blog (and also Facebook page):

    Is it ok to post the pictures to my blog? xxxxxxxxxx

  11. This looks like fun. Will definitely be participating!

  12. Carla - I can't wait to see them! You can definitely post the photos on your blog! Spread the word, chica!

    Carly - I'm so glad your participating!

  13. Courtney, Congrats on your first Vlog! You look so cute, and I know how strange it can be talking to a thing :D you did great! Keep them coming!

    This contest is fun! I've never seen one like it. I will definitely participate :D

    You purchased the Gift Certificate Yourself??!! How cool are you to do that! You're awesome!

  14. Eve - Thanks for the kind words. I can't wait to see your photos for the contest!

  15. just sent you an email with my pictures :)

  16. I completed the scavenger hunt on my blog... see my post here My Scavenger Pieces Link