Friday, August 13, 2010

What's In My Bag

This post was inspired by Christina from Randomness, a la Mode, who did a "what's in my bag" post yesterday.  
A correction:  When talking about my handbag, I meant I like the retro vibe of it, not vintage.  It most definitely doesn't look vintage, but the print and the style seem a little retro to me.  I am actually looking for a new bag for fall now. I really want a leather-type satchel bag in a brown color.  This one is in the running.

Make sure to check out Sandrandan's Etsy shop
I hope I didn't bore you all to death with this one, but I love these type of posts because I am nosy!  
So what do you carry in your bag?


  1. OMG!! This is sooooo cool.....Id have to actually take a look at whats NOT in my bag:)
    I've been buying bigger and bigger purses.....I seem to carry way more stuff than I used to.
    I just told my daughter the other day that I now feel the need to carry an entire makeup bag in my purse as well, hahaha....have a super great day!

  2. Mary - It's working now! Sorry about that. I accidentally hit the "submit" button to post before the video was done loading.

    Collette - This is actually one of the smaller bags that I've carried in a long time. lol. Doing this video made me realize that I really need to clean out my makeup bag!

  3. When I try to play it, it says that it's private.

  4. Michaniya - Hmmm. . .I'll go back and try to fix it. Sorry about that!

  5. Nice to see you now:) I think Im going to go buy a new makeup bag...just to carry in my purses:)

  6. Okay, it works now. I was watching it with my cousin and she commented that she would love to hang out with you because you have the world in your bag, nothing could go wrong, lol. I loved the vlog, talk about lipstick/lip gloss obsession, lol.

    BTW, I absolutely love your nail polish color, what brand and color is it?

  7. YAY!!! ^.^ I love your vid! Your bag is really cute, and your mirror is adorable!

    ROFL about your gps!! I am JUST like you! I have no idea where i am half the time and cant give or follow directions to save my life!!! XD hahaha Maybe i should get one! ;)

    -Christina <3

  8. Collette - Thanks for checking back to see it!

    Michaniya - I do have the world in my bag. I actually had to bust out the Tide pen at dinner tonight because my dad got food on his shirt!
    My nail polish is OPI Polar Bare. It's one of my favorites.

    Christina - Thanks so much! The GPS is a livesaver, I tell ya!

  9. Oh Lord - you are waaaay more brave than I! My bag scares me.. ;-)

  10. You should do more videos as you come across really well

  11. I wanted to play a drinking game with this & drink every time you pulled a lip product out of your bag....just kidding I loved the video!

  12. No wallet in your bag? My bag is boring, but the hubby is going to get me a new one for the fall, it's going to be bigger than my Vera Hipster that I carry, so I'm sure all kinds of goodies will be kept in there, mostly from the boys I'm sure.

  13. Jules - Thanks. I actually really enjoy doing the videos, so I probably will make it a regular thing. I'm glad you like them!

    notquite - I know, right?! I didn't even realize how many lip products I had in there until I started pulling stuff out. The sad thing, is I have another whole drawer full of lipsticks!

    Sissy - I realized after I posted the video that I didn't include my wallet. I had it out of my purse because I ordered something online and left it sitting on the coffee table. lol
    Yay for new purses! I can't wait to see what you get. : )