Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Contractor Woes

This remodeling thing has taken a bad turn, folks.  I am ready for these guys to be out of my house and to never have to see them again.  
This job was supposed to last two days maximum.  It's now day number six.  Just to clarify; The people we hired to do the work are from a well known local company.  It's not like we hired Bob-who-works-out-of-his-basement to do the job.
Thursday:  One of the (two) guys showed up an hour and a half late.  Whatever, stuff happens, right?  Then they asked me what time should they be there the next day, and I ask if 7am is ok.  They agree.  

Friday: I get up at 6:15, hop in the shower and get dressed to wait for them to arrive.  And just so we're clear, I am not a morning person.  Not one teeny little bit. Not even on Christmas morning.
So I wait, and 7 rolls around with no sign of the contractors.  It's 7:50 when one of the guys shows up (he does apologize, and has a good reason to be late).  The other guy shows up three hours late.  
But, I'm cool, because I think "Well, at least they'll be done today!". At about 6pm they tell me that they will have to come back the next day.  No worries, Jimmy will be home, so I won't be stuck on the couch tied to the dog alone.  
Saturday:  A new guy shows up (which we assume means that the guy who was late got fired).  He works until about 2pm and then the painters show up.  They take one look at the work that has been done and say that it's not done and they need to come back Sunday.  *sigh*
Sunday:  The painters come back and say that they can't paint because basically the guy who was here the day before did a crappy job.  So they'll have to have someone else come out and fix it.  
Monday: The guys come back out and work all day.  They manage to get everything painted, and seemingly, looking good.  I say seemingly, because once I go into the bathroom and shut the door, I realized they painted the inside of the door the same color as the walls! I kid you not.  And poorly, at that.  There were patchy places, and they painted the white trim blue, and they even painted the damn hinges!  Who does that?!  So Jimmy called the boss man and even he was stunned.  He offered to bring us a new door (which I was all for), but Jimmy just asked him to have someone come back out paint it white.  The boss-man told Jimmy to call when we were ready to have someone come out to paint and finish up the trim. 
Tuesday: Today I get up and start trying to clean up the drywall dust (which is everywhere in my house right now) off the bathroom floor so that I can begin to lay down the tile.  I am scrubbing the floor in a little tank top- sans bra- and shorts, ('cause it is hard work!), when the doorbell rings.  I peek out the curtains there there are the two contractor dudes, at my front door.  I scurry to the bedroom and throw on some clothes while dialing Jimmy to figure out what is going on.  He is surprised too, and calls the contractor boss-man to find out why they are there.  Meanwhile, I open the door and ask them what's up.  They tell me they were sent to repaint the door.  I let them in and call Jimmy back to tell him what's happening.  They finish painting the door, so now I have to get back to putting the tile down so I can go to Lowe's to buy trim so that the trim guy can come in and finish tonight. 

Oh, and through all of this I've had to wrangle the kitties up every day to put them in our office so they don't get out the door, and I've had poor Trixie on a leash the whole time, because she wants to play with the new people in the house.  Yesterday she managed to chew through her leash.  So today when these guys showed up unexpectedly, I had to use an exercise resistance band to tether her to me.  
It's like that carnival game where you put on the belt tied to the giant rubber band, and race your friend to see how far you can go before snapping back to the start.  She's been trying to see how far she can get. 


  1. Oh honey... *hugs*
    I don't even know what to say! I'm sorry this has been so terrible! :(

  2. Man, that is messed up. Every way you look at their service, it's messed up.

    Really glad you knew to call Jimmy to let him know those guys were there again, so important to stay safe these days.

    Hope it all goes well from here.

  3. Holy cow hunnie...Im so sorry:( that truly sucks!!! Hang in there!

  4. Holly - Thanks. I'm trying not to be too "woe-is-me" about it, but it does stink. Thanks for the *hugs*. : )

    Eve - Messed up is right! I usually don't answer the door for anyone I don't recognize if I'm home alone. I think I lived by myself too long to break that habit!

    Collette - Thanks chica!

  5. Wow...they must really suck. :/
    That sounds like a pretty awful week.
    Love you, see-star.

  6. Kels - Yeah, it pretty much sucked. But I did the floor all by myself, and it looks good!
    I love you too!