Wednesday, October 20, 2010

365 Things I Love

I started doing a feature called 365 Things I Love a few months ago, and for some reason I kind of let it fall to the wayside.  I guess school just got in the way and muddled my brain a bit.  
Well, I'm starting my list where I left off!  

#29.  Fall Weather!
I am so glad that fall weather is finally here! 

#30.  Boots!  
 I have finally managed to find boots that fit my huge calves!  These boots from Avenue! 

#31.  Vintage Jewelry
  I love finding great pieces of vintage jewelry at garage/yard sales, thrift stores, or in my grandma's jewelry box. 

#32.  When my husband brings me flowers. . .

  especially for no reason. 

#33.  How soft Trixie's fur is after she comes home from the groomers.

(Don't mind my tennis shoe in the photo.)
This is her right after she got home from the groomer on Friday.

#34.  Reading other blogs

 There are so many blogs that I love to read!  Usually the first thing when I get home (well, after letting the dog out) is to sit down an catch up on my reader.  

 #35.  Chicken Marsala

Mmmmm. . . .


  1. Mmm, this chicken sure does look delicious. And I'm just like you, I also love when hubby gives me flowers for no reason! It's so so sweet and loving.

    Glad to be back at your blog, I have much to catch up on. :D Big hugs!!!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS, that Chicken Marsala looks DELIGHTFUL.

    It doesn't help that I'm starving and lazy, but all the restaurants are closed.

  3. What a great idea (for a blog post that is) - love this!

    Your dog is too cute and that chicken marsala looks tasty.

  4. Eve - I'm so glad you're back! I missed you!

    fashionflirt - Hahaha, you sound like me. : )

    Diana - Thanks, Trixie is my baby. : )

  5. Those boots are awesome!

    Fresh-from-the-groomer is the best kind of dog. I never understand how they get the fur so soft!

  6. Yup, I agree with Kelly.. those boots are awesome! I got both colors.
    Mrs Hall In Training

  7. OMG, I love vintage jewelry!!!

    And I love the kitty checking out the laptop! Very CUTE!

    -Christina <3