Monday, October 25, 2010

365 Things I Love

#36.  Cam from Modern Family 
 He absolutely cracks me up.  Jimmy always teases me that he is the male version of myself. 

#37.  Peanut Butter M&Ms
 Mmmmmmmmm. . .   

#38.  Getting cozy under a blanket.

Sorry for the crappy photo, but this is usually what I look like in the evenings watching TV.  I almost always have a blanket on my lap, and the dog by my side.  (I made that quilt, by the way.)  

#39.  Sweaters
 I am so excited for sweater weather, you guys! 

 #40.  Freshly Popped Popcorn
 My mom-in-law got me this exact popcorn popper for my birthday this year, and I absolutely love it! It makes the fluffiest, yummiest popcorn ever.

#41.  Surprises!
 Jimmy is the best at surprising me.  He will plan dates and gifts without me having any idea.  I love it! 
(Yes, I am incredibly spoiled, and a very lucky lady.)

#42.  My husband's shaved head
 It makes me happy (in the creepiest way possible, apparently)! 


  1. I love Cam!
    'Turn it off'
    'I can't Mitchell, it's who I am'
    '...the music!'

  2. I literally laughed out loud at the last picture, you're right, very creepy, I love your face though.
    Also, Cam is the funniest, hands down my favorite character from Modern Family.

  3. haha - not yet huh :) Too funny.

    You made that quilt? It's beautiful!

  4. HA! People often tell me that I have a gay man trapped in my body. I TOTALLY have a gay man trapped in my body. A really fabulous, Cam-like gay man trapped in my body.

    Love it.

  5. Cam is fab. Absolutely fab. And I adore him.

    Also, peanut butter m&ms are the bomb. And popcorn is fantastic.

  6. CAM!!!!!!!! The whole show cracks me up. the episode where the whole family is eating at Gloria's house--the funniest ever!

  7. Stephanie - Just reading that made me giggle!

    Michaniya - I don't even remember what I was doing in the picture, but I thought it was appropriate for the topic. Hahaha!

    Leslie - Thanks. : )

    Diana - I did, and thank you so much. I did that one about two months ago. It's the first quilt I've made that I've actually kept.

    fashionflirt - Yes! Yes! Yes! Exactly!

    HollyElise - I've got PB M&M's in the bedroom waiting for me as I type this. Mmmmmmm. . . .

    Lesa - Right?! I love every character, I think I just identify the most with Cam. Although, Phil is slowly winning me over with his sweetness.

  8. lol you are too cute! I LOVE peanut butter m&ms and popcorn too!

  9. I took that picture. Mwahahaah. :)

  10. Haha, great list. Your quilt is too cute and really looks cosy. Your babe's haircut is cute, do you cut his hair? My hubs lets me do his buzz cuts, it's so much fun, plus saves us money. :D

  11. Case - Yes! I am all about the M&Ms!

    Kels - Yep you did, you weirdo.

    Eve - Thank you! Yeah, I've always cut his hair. It seems silly to pay for something that I can do in less than ten minutes! : )

  12. lol you're hilarious...And how freakin loveable is Eric Stonestreet!! Did you know he's STRAIGHT in real life!!! He plays the best gay man ever