Friday, October 8, 2010

Jeans & a Jacket - Plus Size Daily Outfit

Tonight Jimmy and I went out to dinner with my in-laws to one of their favorite Mexican restaurants.  It was delicious! (I think I'll go heat up my leftovers now...)
Then we went down the street and got some frozen custard for dessert.  Yum!

So here's what I wore to eat quesadillas and custard:

Outfit Details: 
Striped Tee - Canyon River Blues brand via Sears
Jeans - Right Fit via Lane Bryant
Army Jacket - Lane Bryant
Grey Suede Kitten Heels - Target
Leaf Bangle - Avenue
Necklace with Amber Stones - from Grandma's jewelry box


  1. That bracelet and necklace are a perfect pair.. I likey aloooot!
    Mrs Hall In Training

  2. Love that army jacket, definitely need to put that on my wishlist.

  3. Cosmic - Thank you!

    Totally - Thanks! I saw them both in my jewelry box and it was an "Ah Ha!" moment. : )

    Michaniya - I think I've gotten more use out of this jacket than any other piece I've bought in a long time. I feel like it goes with everything!

  4. I have been looking for a army jacket and have yet to find one that I really like at a decent price. This outfit is so great!

  5. You look soooo trendy!! Love this look.

  6. Sabrina - I got mine at LB when they were having one of their $20 off of $40 sales. So really, it wasn't very expensive at all. Especially considering how much I've worn it!

    Valencia - Well, thank you! : )

  7. Cute! you should enter the right fit jean contest!