Monday, October 18, 2010

Jeggins & Boots - Plus Size Daily Outfit

Friday Jimmy came home early and surprised me with a bouquet of flowers, and told me he would take me anywhere I wanted to go for dinner, and he would let me pick a movie.  When he got home I was wearing yoga pants, had my hair in a ponytail and was sweaty from cleaning the house.  I had to hop in the shower and make a quick decision about what to wear on our date. (BTW, We saw the movie "RED", and it was fantastic!)
So this is what I wore to eat chicken marsala: 

Outfit Details: 
Knit Jeggings - Lane Bryant 
Striped Pocket Tee - Sears 
Brown Leather Patch Cardi - Old Navy
Lace Back Boots - Cloudwalkers via eBay
Floral Bib Necklace - Fashion Bug (?)
Earrings - Avenue

My hair is now at that awkward length where one side likes to flip out, and the other flips under.  It's so frustrating.  Does anyone have any tips on how to remedy this annoying phenomenon? 


  1. jolie tenue,j aime bcp ton collier ;O)

  2. How sweet!! I'm glad you had a wonderful time, you look gorgeous, and I really love your cardigan!

    Hmmm as for your hair dilemma, try using rollers after you wash your hair or when your hair is wet, so that both ends will either be flipped up or under... :)


  3. Love the outfit! I saw those Jeggins at LB but as usual, they are too short for me! You look very nice. Love the accessories and the swater!

  4. I love those boots!

    My hair is the same length as yours, and it does the flippy thing too. I haven't found a remedy, though I have started drying my hair with a diffuser which makes it all kind of wavy and flippy. You may try that?

  5. My only advice is a quick flat iron on the bottom part each morning...or cut your hair a bit shorter. Before I permed my hair, it did the same thing & drove me mad. LOL

    Now it's curly so it doesn't matter how it bends. Problem solved (albeit, expensive solution)

  6. very cute! I love the colors of the shirt and cardi together! plus those boots are great! I like the lace-up back!

  7. Nefertiti - I always love translating your comments. Thank you for the compliment!

    LaCara - Rollers are a fabulous idea! I think maybe I'll check them out.

    Aranza - I usually have the opposite problem with pants. They are always too long on me.

    Rebecca - Thanks. They were the first boots I've ever found that fit my calves! A diffuser isn't a bad idea. . .

    Diana - I actually flat iron my hair every morning, and it will look good for about an hour, and then it will start to flip. I am so tempted to cut my hair, but I've been trying to grow it out for the past few months and I've resisted so far!

    Case - Thank you!

  8. love the sailor stripes with the cardi. It's such a classic combination!
    (My hair does the same thing when I grow it out. I usually end up wearing it in a pony for a month until it starts behaving again. Sorry, no real hair help here!)

  9. Wow, I absolutely love your outfit seriously! You look so chic, and dressing for a hot date! Aww your hubby is a sweetheart. :] You have a great sense of style, I love those jeggings on you :]