Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pattern Mixing - Daily Outfit

Today I only had a lecture, so I dressed for comfort and warmth because it was only 47 degrees when I left the house.  Not that I'm complaining!
For some reason, parking at school was completely crazy today.  I usually have to circle the garage once to find a spot, but today the garage was so full they actually blocked off the entrance and weren't letting anyone in.  There is a parking lot across the street from the garage to park in, but it was full too!  I kept seeing signs that said "Additional Parking" with an arrow pointing further and further away from school.  I followed the arrows and every single lot was full!  I would have had to park 6 blocks away from school!  I decided to make one more round, to see if they were letting people in the garage, and lucky me, they were!  I was only a few minutes late to class, thankfully. 

So here's what I wore to curse in my car and run to class: 

 Outfit Details: 
Pink & Grey Striped Long-Sleeved Tee - Lane Bryant 
(I know it's hard to tell this is striped, but I promise it is!)
(See? Stripes!)
Pink Patterned Cardi - Old Navy (on sale now)
Jeans - Avenue 
Coral Flats - Born brand
Earrings (that you can't see) - handed down from my mom-in-law

I also wore my hair naturally wavy today, since I went to bed with it wet last night.  I just didn't feel like using the flat iron today. 
(Yes, I put on lip tint before I took this picture.  I forgot to put something on before I took my other pics and was too lazy to retake them all. )


  1. I like the pink. I am getting more and more into pink!

  2. I love that blouse...those are my fav colors! And it's all about the lipstick. You look gorgeous! I think the average woman eats 3 lipstick tubes a year...I think I eat at least 10 a year! lol!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  3. I love your natural waves! I'm sure it's obvious that I'm a big proponent of naturally curly hair, and yours is gorgeous!

  4. Nicole - I've always been a big fan of pink, but I'm a little more reluctant to wear it with my red hair now.

    Beckerman Girls - Thanks! I love lipstick too! I wear some sort of lip color every day.

    Mary - They are so hard to control, but thank you! I love curls too, just not my own waves. lol. : )

  5. I have that sweater! I love it and you look great in pink.

  6. Mrs. Loaf - I knew you had good taste! Thanks for the compliment. : )