Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thinking Pink - Plus Size Daily Outfit

Today we had a class project in which we had to visit one of the public elementary schools in our city, and teach the kids about good handwashing, nutrition, and exercise habits.  I was the "reader", which meant I had to read a book about nasty germs and how to wash your hands to get rid of them.  I have that book memorized after reading it seven times in a row.  We presented to three kindergarten classes (my favorites!), two pre-k classes, and two first grade classes.  Three of my classmates dressed up as cows (seriously!) to present the information about nutrition.  It was hilarious! 
Here's what I wore to read about "mean, nasty, dirty, downright disgusting germs": 

Outfit Details: 
Pink lace camisole (that you can almost see peeking out of the top) - Avenue
Tie-neck sweater - Old Navy
Black pants - Lafayette style from Lane Bryant 
Black double strap wedge mary janes: Softspots via 6pm (same as yesterday)
Earrings - no idea!
Pink & silver bangles - Lane Bryant

 You guys didn't believe me, did you?  ; )


  1. You look lovely.. and very professional... Im sure that the children were all smiles.. even if you were talking about yucky germs, lol! eeewwwww!
    Mrs Hall In Training

  2. That's a real pretty look(suits ya, Courtney:)!