Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dressing Up Denim - Plus Size Daily Outfit

Whew!  Today was a heck of a day.  I got up at 6:30 to head to school, and on my way my gas indicator light went on.  I swung around to a gas station right before the on-ramp to the freeway, but there was a line for a pump.  I waited a while, but it seemed like no one was moving at all!  I got frustrated and left because my instructor had sent out an email with an emphatic "DO NOT show up late!" message.
  I managed to find a parking spot once I arrived at school, but then I couldn't find my phone.  I thought I had dropped it in my backseat when I put my bag back there.  I heard a "Beep!" which means I had a message, so I knew I had the phone in the car somewhere.  I searched between the seats, the floorboards, everywhere!  No phone to be found.  I gave up and scurried into school to meet my friend.  We had planned to meet early to head to the campus bookstore to pick up a packet of printouts required for class.  So we walked all the way across campus to find out the bookstore doesn't open until 8:30.  Our class was at 8.  *sigh*
So we trudge over to the building where our class is scheduled, and find all of our classmates are sitting in the hallway.  Apparently, there is a class taking place in the room where we are supposed to be meeting.  Hmmmmm. . . .
At about 9 with no sign of our instructor, one of the girls goes to the nursing office and has the secretary call the instructor.  
Well, guess what?! 
She's still sleeping!  And she posted the wrong schedule! 
So we really aren't supposed to be meeting until noon.  Noon!  Grrrrr. . . .  not a good start to the day.  
Luckily, it got better.  
Here's what I wore to hurry up and wait: 

Outfit Details:
Teal Camisole - Avenue
Black Maxi Dress - Fashion Bug
Denim Jacket - Avenue
Striped Sparkle Scarf - Fashion Bug
Mixed Metallic Flats - Avenue 
Slouchy Gathered Bag - Simply Be via a giveaway from Curvy Girl Chic


  1. j aime bcp tres sympa et moderne ;O)


  2. What a frustrating day! Well, at least you looked unbearably chic for it.

  3. You look so gorgeous! Like Sal said, at least if you had to deal with a frustrating day you got to be frustrated while looking fabulous.

  4. Nefertiti - I think the metallic touches really made it look modern. : )

    Sal & fashionflirt - Thank you both. It was just a completely annoying morning, but at least I made it through.

  5. Sounds like a rocky start to the morning, but at least you looked good :D

    School days, I so miss it.