Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Teal Tummy - Plus Size Daily Outfit

Today I pulled out a top I haven't worn in quite some time, because I thought for a long time that it was too form fitting. I love the color, and the velvety leaf embellishment though,so I thought I would give it another try.  (pardon my hair in this photo, the breeze got me)

Outfit Details: 
Teal Leaf- embellished Top - B&Lu
Jeans - Avenue
Snakeskin Print Flats - thrifted
Black & Grey Floral Scarf - Torrid
Leaf Wrap Ring - Torrid
Wooden Bangle - I don't remember!
Ivory & Gold Bangle - Lane Bryant  

I do still think it's a little tighter than my usual taste, but I'm ok with it.  Jimmy thought I looked awesome in this color, and I'm trying to become a little more comfortable with showing my shape. 

Do you have items that you don't wear because they are outside of your comfort zone? Tell me about it in the comments!


  1. You look great!
    I had a lot of items i didn't wear because they were a bright colour or a little tight a while ago, but reading all the awesome plus size blogs (like yours) out there made me a lot more confident and i'm wearing whatever i like nowadays. :)

    <3, Joyce

  2. Oh teal is my favorite color! I love this look, it's casul but cute! Love your accessories :D


  3. YOu look very nice in that top, it is a pretty colour on you.

    I do have tons of clothing that I've felt that I couldn't wear because of the low cut neckline. But now that I'm in a midlife crisis, I'm busting out those outfits! :D

  4. I love teal and it's a great color for you. I don't like wear tight clothes or anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. Somedays that's everything but my pjs!

  5. . - I am so glad your confidence has blossomed! I love that I might have had a little bitty part in that! Thank you so much for your comment.

    LaCara - Thank you!

    Eve - You go girl! Flaunt it if you've got it!

    Linda - I know what you mean. I am still in my yoga pants and tank right now!

  6. I think it looks great. I happen to have the same top and adore it.

  7. I don't like things that are overly clingy around the belly and back. I'm very self-conscious about my belly because I carry most of my weight there instead of my hips. So I try to wear puffier things at the bottom to balance it out. I also really dislike yellow, red, and orange. They just don't work well on me, but I'm trying to give them a shot.

    you look great, btw! I love the color on you and the leaf is too cute.

  8. I adore that top & the rich color :) Your braclet matches your hair color (which is awesome)

    In the last two years, I recently began buying my actual size & not one size larger. And people started asking me if I lost weight & telling me I looked good...turns out, wearing a size bigger only makes you look, well, bigger around.

    And so, I am started trying on outfits I wouldn't normally even give a 2nd glance to & it's opened up a whole new world of fashion for me :)

    I've learned that even if you think you are hiding your tummy or certain areas, you really aren't. People see them...they know they are there. So adding bulk doesn't really do any good. Just flaunt what you have & show your personal happiness.

    A confident face is the prettiest piece of fashion anyone can wear, if you ask me :)

  9. That leaf applique is adorable! So cute, and I love how it's positioned kind of off-kilter at the hem. It adds a little fun, eccentric touch. I'm glad you decided to wear it again!

  10. That is a nice top, and teal is a great color on you. You shouldn't be afraid of wearing it!

    I am trying to wear skirts more. I haven't worn short skirts since I was in elementary school.

  11. beatrice - I've never seen anyone else with this top. Too funny!

    Maria - I feel the exact same way. My belly is where I am most self-conscious. Well, my arms are an issue too. Thank you for the compliment!

    Diana - I think a lot of women feel the need to "hide" behind larger, baggier clothing. I'll admit that I used to do the same thing in my late teens/early twenties. I agree that confidence is key!

    Vanessa - The applique is what got me too!

    Ms. Ten - Thank you very much! I tend to wear skirts more in the winter, for some reason, which seems completely backwards to me. lol